Weidmuller High-Density Marshalling and Distribution Terminals

By Connector Supplier | September 16, 2013

Weidmuller High-Density Marshalling and Distribution Terminals

Weidmuller new terminal block series PRV and PPVWeidmuller’s innovative new terminal block series, PRV (Push-In Marshalling) and PPV (Push-In Power Distribution) 4/8/16, are equipped with “PUSH IN” connection technology. Both product families support efficient wiring concepts for process industry environments and have been specifically developed for the challenging demands of DCS marshalling and distribution signals of PLC applications. PRV and PPV terminals facilitate simple wiring, reduced cabinet space requirements, expanded wire routing, and signal distribution capabilities. Even with the rise of alternative technologies such as remote I/O and fieldbus, terminal blocks still play a crucial role in DCS marshalling and PLC applications.

Weidmuller’s PRV and PPV marshalling and power distribution terminals are particularly compact. The 16-way multi-tier PRV terminal block (64 connections per terminal) is presently a worldwide innovation. It can distribute more than 1,700 signals per 39 inches of DIN rail space. The color-coded (Red/White) clamp actuator buttons help to ensure optimum orientation when installing an extensive marshalling panel and carrying out future maintenance trouble shooting. Coding also assists in consistently generating error-free wire termination points.

The PRV family of terminals consists of 4-, 8-, and the innovative 16-tier marshalling distribution terminals; the PPV family comprises the 4- and 8-tier power distribution terminals. Both families incorporate Weidmuller’s patented “PUSH IN” connection technology, which guarantees touch safety against inadvertent short-circuiting. The “PUSH IN” double connection guarantees simple power distribution and serves equally as a separate testing point. “PUSH IN” technology allows users to simply insert the prepared conductor into the terminal point to quickly create a reliable, jolt-proof, gas-tight connection. Moreover, this connection technology ensures vibration-proof and effective conductor retention forces. And in comparison with other connection technologies, it achieves a higher wiring density combined with best-possible handling characteristics.

The PPV/PRV 4/8/16 terminals carry 300V/10A/26-16AWG electrical ratings and have UL and CSA approvals.

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