Weidmuller Dual-Level Power Terminal Blocks

By News Release | February 09, 2015

The Weidmuller dual-level power terminal blocks provide a 50% reduction in cabinet space.

WeidmullerWeidmuller Dual-Level Power Terminal Blocks expands its line of space-saving, dual-level power terminal blocks designed for use in machinery, process, and power generation applications. The new WDK 10 dual-level power terminal series offers a 50% reduction in cabinet space when compared to single-level terminals. Featuring a slim 10mm width, the WDK 10 terminals provide the highest wiring densities in screw terminals for power distribution applications requiring 6AWG conductors. The new WDK 10 terminal configurations include dual-level grounding; neutral; dual-level with ground; feedthrough; five-wire pre-assembled; and power distribution, five-wire pre-assembled blocks. The pre-assembled terminals feature a single part number for ease of ordering and handling.

Weidmuller’s WDK 10 terminal blocks integrate two independent circuits within one terminal and include corresponding jumpering channels to accommodate the connection of screw-down jumpers to adjacent terminals. An upper- and lower-bussed terminal is available for commoning four wires to one terminal, satisfying a range of power distribution requirements. The WDK 10 features Weidmuller’s standard vibration-proof and maintenance-free “self-locking” screw clamp termination technology. They are UL- and CSA-rated for 600V/64A/18-6AWG.

News Release
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