TE’s Raychem SolderTacts for One-Step Installation

By Cable Assembly Supplier | January 09, 2014

TE’s Raychem SolderTacts for One-Step InstallationTE’s Raychem SolderTacts for One-Step Installation

TE Connectivity (TE) has released Raychem SolderTacts contacts that utilize a one-piece contact design with integrated soldering technology to deliver fast, reliable terminations for circular connectors. SolderTacts contacts eliminate the variables of crimping and enable a one-step installation process that can reduce handling and installation costs. Their versatile design makes them particularly well suited to military, aerospace, and defense equipment applications.

“An easy, reliable termination solution is essential to our customers when it comes to commercial and military connectors,” said Janeann Avants, product manager, Global Aerospace, Defense & Marine, TE Connectivity. “SolderTacts contacts require no assembly and offer one of the simplest, fastest, and most reliable methods of termination of coax cables, shielded wires, and twisted pairs.”

SolderTacts contacts provide simultaneous electrical connection and strain relief with a heat-shrinkable tubing insulation. The insulation is transparent and inspection windows are provided to fully inspect termination.

The contacts provide the optimum amount and type of solder and flux in a prefluxed solder preform that controls soldering and reduces operator sensitivity. The geometry of the coaxial cables is carried through the connector to eliminate the need for separate pins, helping reduce crosstalk and improve shielding effectiveness and signal transmission.

SolderTacts contacts can be terminated with standard TE Connectivity Raychem heating tools and, once terminated, they can be located in and out of connector cavities with standard insertion and extraction tools. They are replaceable without cutting and re-stripping or shortening the cable.

The Raychem SolderTacts product line encompasses designs for connector types MIL-C-38999 Series I, II, III, and IV; MIL-C-26482; MIL-C-83723; and MIL-C-28748; and are available in a range of sizes to suit all the popular contact configurations.

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