TE MCON 8 Contact System

By News Release | December 08, 2014

TE MCON 8 Contact SystemTE MCON 8 contact system expands the MCON family of products for automotive applications.

TE Connectivity expanded its MCON family with the MCON 8 contact system. The MCON 8 contact system meets existing cavity and interface specifications for the automotive industry, such as those required for cooling fan applications.

To withstand harsh environments, TE added innovative design features like overstress protection of the contact elements, as well as a new surface technology to be compliant with high temperatures up to 180°C. The contact system is available in sealed and unsealed versions from 2.5mm² up to 16mm² (a sealed 16mm² version is planned).

The MCON 8 contact system is compatible to the tab contact dimensions 8.0mm x 0.8mm, 9.5mm x 0.8mm, 8.0mm x 1.2mm, and 9.5mm x 1.2mm. Redundant-designed contact points ensure the electrical integrity of the MCON 8 contact system and make it rugged and versatile.

News Release
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