Radiall’s QLI Connector Provides Bayonet Locking for Harsh Environments

By Connector Supplier | December 02, 2013

Radiall’s QLI Connector Provides Bayonet Locking for Harsh EnvironmentsRadiall’s QLI Connector Provides Bayonet Locking for Harsh Environments

Radiall’s new QLI connector is the ideal solution for harsh environments where performance and safety are critical.

QLI connectors are designed to provide performance similar to DIN 7/16 with a very low intermodulation level. Radiall’s QLI connector employs the proven bayonet concept for secure connections. The QLI concept enables quick installation without tools and can be accomplished with one hand. The reduced footprint (compared to 7/16 series) allows for use in high-density applications.

The QLI is double-sealed and includes a special anti-corrosion and watertight plating. The advantage of QLI’s double sealing allows for use outdoors without any additional protective skin (electrical insulation putty or adhesive tape). These features make this connector the best choice for outdoor installations and indoor applications where exceptional performance is required.

QLI connectors are available in many variations, including plugs, jacks, straight or right angles, square sockets, and bulkhead models. This new compact design is perfectly suited for applications that require high-density integration.

General specifications:

  • Impedance 50Ω
  • Frequency range DC~6GHz
  • Very low intermodulation level (≤-163 dBc) and low RF leakage (≤-110dB at 1GHz)
  • Bayonet locking concept provides coupling retention force 450 N
  • VSWR 1.04 + 0.02.f
  • Meets all requirements for IP67
  • High mating life
  • Three-step connection: Engage, push, and lock
  • Intuitive design concept
  • Lightweight
  • Reduced size allows more space for other components
  • RF power: Up to 1000W at 2 GHz

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