Positronic Optik-D

By Connector Supplier | August 02, 2013

Positronic Optik-D

Positronic announced the release of a new fiber optic terminus and size 8 adapter for use in its popular Combo-D connector family. The terminus conforms to the performance criteria outlined in the ARINC 801 document, which is a widely accepted commercial aerospace standard for fiber optic termini on aircraft.

The Optik-D terminus boasts a very low optical insertion loss of 0.06 dB (typical) and a return loss in excess of 45 dB for multi-mode. The connector system was qualified during a series of rigorous environmental tests at Experior Laboratories in Oxnard, Calif. Experior is a premier fiber optics test laboratory used by leading OEMs across a variety of industries. The tests were based upon typical MIL-DTL-24308 environmental testing, such as thermal cycling, thermal shock, temperature life, humidity, salt spray, shock, vibration, mating durability, and more.

The Optik-D connector system is more cost-effective than other ARINC 801 solutions because it integrates a high-performing optical terminus with a low-cost connector housing, as opposed to using high-cost connectors, as seen in competing solutions. Furthermore, enhancements within the Optik-D adapter and terminus system enable a lower loss than is typically attainable with alternative solutions. Low insertion losses of this type (i.e. 0.06 dB) can mean the difference between using a cost-effective LED laser versus a high-cost solid state laser, thus reducing overall system cost. This connector system also offers the flexibility to mix optical connections with traditional power, signal, coax, and high voltage contacts.

The benefits of optical connections include high bandwidth, EMI immunity, reduced wiring bulk and weight, improved data security, safety in explosive environments, minimal losses over long distances, elimination of ground loops, and future-proofing of applications. These features make fiber and the Optik-D a great choice for the aerospace, medical, oil and gas, and telecom industries.

Currently eight unique inserts are available, along with a variety of accessories. The pull-proof termini are intended for use with cable jacket diameters ranging from 1.6mm to 2.8mm. Options also exist for tight-jacketed or 900 micron optical cable. The Optik-D product leverages standard LC tooling for inspection and cleaning and a standard mil-spec tool for insertion and removal. Termination kits are also available.

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