Molex’s Temp-Flex Ultra-Low-Loss Flexible Microwave Coaxial Cable

By Cable Assembly Supplier | September 09, 2013

Molex’s Temp-Flex Ultra-Low-Loss Flexible Microwave Coaxial Cable Improves Performance

Molex Incorporated has launched a line of microwave cable assemblies that utilizes its Temp-Flex air-dielectric ultra-low-loss flexible microwave coaxial cables featuring a patented dual monofilament air-enhanced design and a helically wrapped shield. The Temp-Flex coaxial cables achieve 85 to 88% velocity of propagation (VOP) for increased signal speed.“Meeting requirements for strong signal performances with limited signal loss is a growing challenge in high-frequency applications,” said Jeet Sanyal, engineering manager, Temp-Flex. “Industry-leading Temp-Flex microwave coaxial cables deliver up to 88% VOP, exceeding stringent aerospace and defense specifications while achieving optimum phase stability and bandwidth.”

Molex developed Temp-Flex air-dielectric, ultra-low-loss flexible microwave coaxial cables for device manufacturers specifying microwave coaxial cables in high-frequency aerospace, defense, and commercial applications, including radar, military vehicles, satellites, space, missile, radio frequency (RF) ablation, and test and measurement equipment.

Molex coax cable solutions provide extremely stable electrical performance with minimal impedance and insertion loss variation in dynamic applications. Highly consistent manufacturing processes ensure the industry’s smallest mechanical tolerances: 0.047”, 0.086”, 0.141” shield OD constructions. The flexible microwave coaxial cables offer 100 dB or greater shielding effectiveness and protect signals from internal and external interference.

The highly reliable return-loss performance of the Temp-Flex coaxial cables optimizes VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio) characteristics for the complete end-to-end interconnect. The helically wrapped flat-wire shield with braid results in excellent shielding effectiveness, enhanced flexibility, and superior electrical performance compared with semi-rigid microwave coaxial solutions.

Temp-Flex air-dielectric ultra-low-loss flexible microwave coaxial cables are now available as assemblies from Molex in select cable sizes and connector types. Insulated with a fluoropolymer dielectric to ensure superior monitoring and control, Temp-Flex cables provide a complete end-to-end solution.

“Flexible Temp-Flex microwave coaxial cables surpass performance criteria in the marketplace for VOP results, tight dimensional and electrical control, minimum VSWR, and low insertion loss,” said Sanyal.

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