Filtered connectors Product Roundup 2023

By AJ Born | September 26, 2023

This week’s Product Roundup highlights filtered connectors from leading connecting manufacturers and suppliers.

Filtered connectors

Amphenol Filter Connectors from PEI-Genesis offer EMI protection in one compact interconnect device, making them ideal for military and aerospace applications. In the most common configuration, capacitors are mounted inside the connector between each contact and the connector ground shell. These filter connectors offer better EMI control, PC board space savings, cost savings, easy EMI/RFI upgrade, and EMC compliance. A variety of sizes, shapes, and options are available.

Smiths Interconnects’ filtered rack and panel connectors include ARINC 404, ARINC 600, and MIL-DTL-83527 shell styles. EMI filtering at box interface level offers maximum system protection. They are designed to meet or exceed all applicable requirements of each series and are intermateable and interchangeable with standard non-filter connectors.


Amphenol Industrial H4CFC6 DM connectors from RS are designed to provide EIA RS-232 and RS-449 compatibility. Intermateable with standard non-filtered Amphenol 17 Series D-Subs and connectors meeting MIL-C-24308. Materials. Shell: High-strength zinc die-cast or stamped steel. Contacts: Phosphor bronze. Inserts: High-strength thermoplastic material (complies with UL flammability requirements of 94V-O per UL-STD-94). Finish. Shell: Bright tin plating per MIL-T-10727. Contacts: 15 μ” gold plating per MIL-G-45204 on contact area over 100 μ” nickel plating. Operating temperature: -40 °C to +85 °C.

Conec’s filtered connectors, supplied by Kensington Electronics, manage interference at the signal and power IO. Although they were invented in 1952, the D-Sub is still widely used today. Conec offers both standard filtered D-Subs, filtered high density D-Subs, and filtered combination D-Subs where applications call for power and signal. Conec offers filters in C, LC, and pi filters.

The 621/622 Series connectors from EDAC feature a ferrite filter, two contact rows with 0.318” (8.08 mm) footprint and right-angle bend, plug and receptacle in 9, 15, 25, or 37 contact sizes, and a pin-and-socket contact mating design with PC tail termination. A metal shell provides EMI/RFI shielding and plug shell indents provide grounding and additional mating retention. Board mounting features include threaded hole and two- and four-prong boardlock for superior retention to the PCB. Flange mounting options for panel mount or connector mating include through hole, threaded hole, and threaded standoffs. The D-shaped connector mating outline provides polarization. The design is based on requirements of MIL-C-24038, EIA RS-232, and RS-449.

Molex SMP-MAX / SMP-MAX Evolution RF Connectors lower the risk of assembly error and simplify design requirements. SMP-MAX and SMP-MAX Evolution 50-Ohm Board-to-Board and Board-to-Filter RF Connectors use patented technology to increase mechanical tolerances.


Avnet supplies TE Connectivity’s Corcom filters, recognized worldwide for providing EMI/RFI filtering solutions. TE offers an expanded catalog of over 70 Corcom filter series that are suitable for a wide range of applications across multiple industries. All Corcom filters have been designed and tested for susceptibility or have received approval from major safety agencies throughout the world, including UL, CSA, and VDE.


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