Forecast for Global Military Manpack and Vehicular Radio Market

By News Release | February 24, 2016

Research and Markets expects the global military manpack and vehicular radio market to grow, driven by the rise of portable equipment, most notably chargers.

Research firm Research and Markets announced its research findings for the global military manpack and vehicular radios market during the 2016 – 2020 period, during which it forecasts a CAGR of 4.59%.

“The latest trend in the market is development of military portable chargers,” says an analyst from the research team. “Introduction of portable electronics enables soldiers to carry mission-critical electronic navigators and range finders to combat and non-combat operations. In 2013, the US Army’s Communications Electronics Development and Engineering Command (CERDEC) developed a universal battery charger (UBC), which reduces the weight of the equipment considerably and keeps the equipment powered up as well.”

According to Research and Market’s latest report, the US Army has improvised battlefield communication without satellites and has developed high-bandwidth and vehicle-mounted networking radios that use line-of-sight communications waveforms. These solutions, called the MNVRs, link the army with battalion and brigade commands and provide ground-level connectivity. The MNVR program also enables rapid exchange of voice messages, images, and videos with commanders.

News Release
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