Circular Connector Product Roundup

By Christine Stieglitz | January 12, 2018

This week’s product roundup highlights some of the highest-performance circular connector products currently available on the market.

Circular Connector Products

NorComp’s M12 Series connectors are ideal for harsh-environment industrial applications, including: industrial controls, automation equipment, remote process sensors, robotic control systems, and ruggedized networking and power conditioning systems. Available in shielded and unshielded panel- and cable-mount A-, D-, and X-coded versions with 3–12 non-removable pins in solder cup, vertical through-hole, and right-angle configurations, the series is compatible with Ethernet, PROFINET, and 10GbE protocols, offers IP67 protection, is rated for operating temperatures spanning -40C to +85C, and is RoHS2 compliant.

Power & Signal GroupPower & Signal Group stocks Delphi’s Harsh Environment Series (HES) connection system stocks Delphi’s Harsh Environment Series (HES) connection system, which includes value-driven, high-performance circular connectors, terminals, and rectangular, 50- and 60-way headers. Designed to meet SAE J-2030, DIN, JIS, MIL-39029, and J-1939 requirements, the circular connectors provide higher current capacities, improved sealing, higher terminal retention, and a significant cost advantage when compared to standard pin-and-sleeve systems, and are available in size 24 shells with 19–47 size 12, 16, or 20 contacts and straight or right-angle conduit wire-dress covers on both receptacle and plug assemblies. The series is ideal for both new and existing harsh-environment agriculture, commercial vehicle, construction, and marine applications, including engine compartments.

TE Connectivity’s MIL-DTL-83723 connectors with DEUTSCH DBA30 threaded and DEUTSCH DL bayonet coupling systems combine the best of MIL-DTL-26500 and NAS 1599 standards and offer quick, turn-to-lock capabilities with visual confirmation of complete coupling and a rear-release contact retention system for superior contact stability. Designed to withstand harsh commercial, military, and aerospace environments, the sealed, scoop-proof connectors feature raised moisture barriers around each pin, are easy to install, accept a wide range of wire diameters, and feature anti-friction washers for constant mating force and closed-entry sockets for positive pin alignment.

OmneticsOmnetics’ Micro ACME Triple Thread Ratcheting Circular ConnectorsMicro ACME Triple Thread Ratcheting Circular Connectors feature lightweight aluminum ratchet-coupling shells that provide rugged, high-reliability, watertight (IP67) connections for continuous signal integrity in harsh-environment military, aerospace, security, and petroleum applications subject to high shock and vibration. The series also features alignment keys and insulators that enable quick, secure couplings and overmolded strain reliefs on the back of each connector that conform to the cabling, improving the overall reliability of the completed cable assembly. The connectors are currently available in five sizes: 5, 12, 16, 27, and 39, with various shell and plating materials, and with both discrete wire and cable terminations. They are rated for 3A per contact, 250VAC, and standard operating temperatures spanning -55ºC to 125ºC.

Amphenol ICCAmphenol ICC’s SheerPwr™ Circular’s SheerPwr™ Circular is a high-current, low-resistance interface designed for connecting bus bars to circuit boards in communications, medical, data server, and industrial and instrumentation applications. Made of a robust and compliant power contact assembled in a circular orientation and designed to mate with traditional machined pins, the power socket features a large beam deflection range capable of handling up to ±0.64mm permanent misalignment, redundant contact points for improved reliability and lower resistance, a minimum of 4mm of gatherability that increases with pin diameter for additional ease in blind-mating applications, and a low-profile (6.8mm) connector height, regardless of current-carrying capacity. The series is currently available with 3.6mm, 6mm, and 8mm mating pins capable of delivering 70, 120, or 160A, respectively.

Samtec’s AccliMate™ Bayonet Sealed Circulars, sold as the ACP and ACR Series, are configured based on power delivery direction for optimum performance, deliver outstanding design flexibility, and meet IP68 requirements for dustproof and waterproof sealing. Ideal for use in industrial, outdoor, underwater, and other harsh environment applications, the series offer various combinations and configurations of signal, power, and RF contacts; three standard shell sizes: 12, 16, and 22mm with metal or plastic housings; and four keyed bayonet-style latches that ensure proper mating and enable quick assembly and disassembly. Panel receptacles can be terminated with a variety of connectors or supplied with blunt-cut cable or solder cups for field termination, and field termination kits are also available.

AirBorn’s Series 360™ Connectors are small, lightweight, watertight, and supremely rugged and reliable. Ideal for military and security technologies, including: next-generation soldier communication systems, radar, avionics, embedded computers, navigation modules, handheld devices, GPS antennas, night-vision equipment, unmanned systems, and land vehicles, the spring-loaded contact series offers excellent EMI shielding, push-pull locking or Quick-DeMate™ functionality, optimized mechanical and color keying, IP68 or IP69 protection, and robust resistance against shock and vibration. Configurations include board- and panel-mount connectors, cable assemblies, and flex-circuit assemblies, and quick-clean and high-speed versions up to 10Gb/s.

BTC Electronics builds circular D38999 Series III connectors from Conesys/Aero Electric to spec from stock. Used in high-performance military and commercial aircraft, missiles, communication equipment, and much more, the series features a one-turn coupling system with self-locking acme thread on the RFI grounding plug for durability, thick wall sections and a large coupling surface area for strength and shock resistance, firewall capabilities, a scoop-proof design, and superior contact stability. Wall-mount and jam nut receptacles are available, as are a range of finishes and shell materials, including: anodic, zinc cobalt, aluminum, electroless nickel, olive drab cadmium.

JONHONJONHON’s XC158 Series sealed, circular connectors ’s XC158 Series sealed, circular connectors deliver high-reliability power and signal performance and offer robust resistance against shock, vibration, and ingress. Compliant with the GJB2889 Chinese military standard, the series is suitable for use in harsh-environment aviation, aerospace, weapon, and radar applications. It features rugged hyperboloid wire spring contacts, bayonet coupling, anti-rotation, and locking mechanisms, and five-keyway polarization to prevent mismating, and is currently available with four contact sizes spanning 1–3mm in diameter and with crimp terminations.

BulginBulgin’s new M-Series circular connectors’s new M-Series circular connectors provide reliable data, signal, and power transmission for harsh-environment industrial automation systems, including: robotics, process control, industrial networking, food and beverage processing, and medical applications. The field-installable series features an M-style threaded locking nut, is rated IP67, and is available in M5, M8, M12, M16, and M23 variants with plastic and metal housings, straight and right-angle configurations, overmolded cable variants with PVC/PUR jackets, and optional EMI shielding. Passive distributor boxes with IP67 sealing and M12/M8 actuator and sensor sockets are also available.




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