Binder M12 Eight-Pin Connectors with X-Coding for Industrial Applications

By Cable Assembly Supplier | January 09, 2014

Binder M12 Eight-Pin Connectors with X-Coding for Industrial ApplicationsBinder-USA eight-pin X-coded connectors added to the M12 product family.

Binder-USA eight-pin X-coded connectors have now been added to the M12 product family. With Binder’s X-coding features, it is now possible to transmit up to 10Gb/s for industrial applications. The high bandwidth is guaranteed by isolating the four pairs from one another with an X-shaped shield.

The M12 X-coding conforms to IEC 61076-2-109 to ensure connector compatibility throughout the world and among different manufacturers. This coding is also specified for broadband transmission by various Ethernet user organizations, such as Profinet.

Overmolded male M12 double-ended cordsets and male M12 to male RJ45 CAT6A cordsets are currently available. All cordsets are available in standard two-, five-, and 10-meter lengths. A field-attachable connector is offered with IDC (insulation displacement connection) termination for easy assembly to a custom cable. Cable diameters can range from 5.5 to 9mm and accept wires between 27 and 22 AWG. When fully mated, the X-coded connectors hold an IP67 rating while the RJ45 connection holds an IP20 rating. Various female panel-mount connectors are available for a complete connecting solution.

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