Amphenol Industrial Optimized Base Transceiver Station Connector

By News Release | November 03, 2015

The Amphenol Industrial optimized base transceiver station connector is qualified to 26A to address the need for higher current in remote installations.

Amphenol Industrial Products GroupAmphenol Industrial Optimized Base Transceiver Station Connector now offers the Amphe-OBTS, an outdoor connector designed for use in harsh environments. This new optimized base transceiver station (OBTS) connector helps meet the needs of remote wireless radio power delivery.

Amphenol has reduced the weight of this field-installable connector by 30% and added improved passive intermodulation (PIM) performance. This reliable connector addresses the need for higher current that is being driven by modern high-performance remote installations.

Ideal for use in cell towers, wireless radios, and wireless networks, the Amphe-OBTS maintains the legacy and performance of Amphenol’s original BTS, which provided power from a wireless, mast-mounted base station to a remote radio head. This compact, energy-efficient connector is UL-qualified to 26A.

Amphe-OBTS is offered in a standard two-way 60VDC power configuration, a 60VDC two-way reverse gender, and a three-way 400VDC/250VAC connector. Standard current for the two-pole is 26A per contact, while the three-pole configuration supplies 16A per contact.

This new connector features a zinc shell construction with tin-nickel plating, bayonet locking, and 360-degree EMI shielding. It offers plug with screw termination contacts for field installation and a receptacle with crimp contacts.

This rugged, IP67-rated connector is UL 1977-certified, IEC 61984-certified, and IEC 60950-certified.

Amphe-OBTS has an operating temperature of -55°C to +105°C.

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