New Weidmüller One- to Four-Pole High Current Connectors with Crimp Connection Technology

By Connector Supplier | December 20, 2012

New Weidmüller One- to Four-Pole High Current Connectors with Crimp Connection Technology

Weidmüller has extended its established family of RockStar HighPower connectors with a new high current connector with crimp connection technology for 250A and up to 4000V operation.

The new high-current connectors are based on a modular design similar to the established 550A version. The use of one to four-pole modules ensures users can always obtain the right connector to fulfil their respective application requirements.

The space-saving new 250A rated power contacts are easily assembled to create a variety of different vibration-proof versions: one connector with four power contacts, three power contacts and a PE contact, two power contacts or, the most compact version, with a single power contact.

The two-piece, size 8-die cast aluminum housing comprising hood, base, and bulkhead designs is equipped with a large surface area PE connection; the same applies to the mating frame. The highly impact resistant and corrosion resistant housings are easily assembled and are rated to IP68 and IP69k. Assembly of the newly developed bulkhead housing is supported by a rapid-assembly mating frame complete with pre-assembled fastening screws, says the company.

Weidmüller has redesigned the crimp contacts so that they can now be dismantled via the M25 cable entry bore. Multi-core, flexible, and finely stranded copper conductors from 25 to 95mm2 are easily terminated using standard crimping tools. No special tools are needed. Due to the interior EMC connection, which can be adapted to the respective cable diameter, the system has ‘excellent’ EMC characteristics. The wide temperature range of -50C to +120C and housing impact resistance up to 7 joules ensures users are able to deploy the new high-current connectors in extreme environments without reservation, such as mechanical and systems engineering, process automation, transportation engineering and wind turbine generators, says the company.

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