FCI Expands Fiber Optic Connector and Cable Assembly Product Portfolio

By Connector Supplier | March 29, 2013

FCI Expands Fiber Optic Connector and Cable Assembly Product Portfolio

FCI has expanded its optical product portfolio with the addition of optical couplers and on-board transceivers. Providing complete, cost-effective solutions that meet telecom and datacom requirements, FCI’s optical couplers and on-board transceiver systems compliment its broad offering of optical connectors and cable assemblies. FCI demonstrated its optical couplers and the on-board transceiver systems at OFC 2013 on March 19-21, 2013 in Anaheim, Calif.

FCI’s advanced multi-mode and single-mode optical tap, splitter, and star couplers deliver high-performance in harsh environments. Ideal for telecom, datacom, and military applications, the optical couplers feature ruggedized housings that isolate the fused fiber area and simplistic connector terminations.

The miniature 2×12 channel (TX=RX) single on-board transceiver system is designed to support next-generation Infiniband and Ethernet standards as well as other emerging intra box optical/electrical specifications. FCI provides two low-profile pluggable electrical connector options: A 1.0mm pitch LGA/BGA interface and a 1.27mm BGA/BGA Meg-Array connector. The on-board transceiver system has a small footprint to save precious PCB real estate. FCI offers different transceiver heat sink options to meet thermal application requirements.

“Each year, the OFC/NFOEC showcases the latest optical technologies and developments for the optical design community. At OFC/FNOEC this year, FCI Electronics continues its tradition of introducing our latest innovations and developments to the optical design community,” said Thomas Scannell, director, marketing and business development, Americas. “As a major manufacturer of both high-speed copper and fiber optic interconnect solutions, FCI continues to expand our optical product portfolio of fiber optics connectors and cable assemblies, transceivers, splitters, and star couplers.”

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