FCI PwrMAX Ortho Power Connectors

By News Release | November 17, 2015

The FCI PwrMAX Ortho power connectors are designed for orthogonal system packaging architectures.

FCIFCI PwrMAX Ortho Power Connectors expanded its power connector family to include the PwrMAX Ortho power connectors, which are designed to support orthogonal system packaging architectures in data center equipment. This architecture can offer improved data transfer and improved system cooling by eliminating midplane circuit boards. PwrMAX Ortho power connectors can be used with either busbars or circuit boards to distribute power in systems with orthogonal architectures.

The connectors also feature FCI’s revolutionary new GCS plating and support current loads of up to 100A per contact.  The connector is extremely energy-efficient, with a maximum contact resistance of just 0.3mΩ, and is rated to operate at up to +125°C.  

With the unique and robust contact design, the blind-mateable PwrMAX Ortho power connectors provide a highly reliable low-resistance interconnect path for orthogonal architectures.

News Release
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