TPC Chem-Gard 200°C CAT6 Industrial Ethernet Cable

By News Release | April 07, 2014

The TPC Chem-Gard 200°C CAT6 Industrial Ethernet Cable is built for high performance in the harshest environments.

TPC Chem-Gard 200°C CAT6 Industrial Ethernet CableTPC Wire & Cable introduced a new product to its Chem-Gard family of cables. The Chem-Gard 200˚C CAT6 Industrial Ethernet Cable is a 100-Ohm category cable built to perform in the harshest industrial environments while delivering data communications at up to 250MHz. TPC Wire’s durable Chem-Gard products have a specially designed fluoropolymer jacket and insulation engineered to stand up to corrosive chemicals, constant flexing, and extreme cold and heat ranging from -60°C up to 200°C.

In today’s industrial environments, taking precautions to avoid extreme temperature, oils, and chemicals that come into contact with Ethernet cables can be an advantage in reducing unnecessary replacements and costly downtime. Without the proper protection, a cable’s jacket can swell, crack, or harden after exposure to chemicals and can even wick the fluids into the cable itself. In addition to chemicals and extreme temperatures, Chem-Gard’s unique physical properties also offer resistance to UV light, cutting, abrasion, oil, impact, and flame.

The Chem-Gard 200˚C CAT6 Industrial Ethernet Cable is perfect for industries whose environments can be unusually severe, such as steel, automotive, wood, pulp and paper, transportation, food processing, oil and gas, utility, mining, and military. The finely stranded silver-plated copper conductors allow for ultimate flexibility and a longer flex life. The cable also provides superior performance to meet or exceed CAT6 and Ethernet/IP requirements. TPC Wire & Cable’s customers will benefit from its use in data processing and information systems, as well as high bandwidth, digital, and high data rate applications.

“Many manufacturers run Ethernet cables through conduit or areas where it is exposed to extreme heat, abrasion, and chemicals,” said Bill Root, TPC Wire & Cable product manager. “TPC not only designed its Chem-Gard products to provide excellent protection from these conditions, but its fluoropolymer jacket also makes the product easy to pull through conduit, eliminating the need for compounds or lubricants.”

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