The EV Revolution Will Be Connectorized

By Contributed Article | June 27, 2023

A new category of e-mobility connectors for use in vehicles and charging infrastructure will help create our EV future.

E-mobility, or electromobility, is the use of electric propulsion to power vehicles. Over the last decade, e-mobility has rapidly evolved with the adoption of electric cars, buses, trucks, and other forms of electric transportation. Experts say that e-mobility is a key solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality, and achieving sustainable transportation.

From electric vehicle charging stations and semis to material handling, each application in the EV market requires reliable e-mobility connectors to operate effectively in harsh environments where heavy vibration, shock, and unprecedented weather conditions can occur.

EVs get their power at home or at facilities that provide high-speed electric power to charge electric vehicles. These stations are equipped with e-mobility connectors, including charging plugs that correspond with the correct port on any given electric vehicle. Although a unified e-mobility connector standard may be emerging in the U.S. with the adoption of Tesla’s North American Charging System (NACS) connector, for the field of EVs already on the road, a variety different charging interfaces exist and drivers must charge using the correct equipment, with a connector adapter if necessary.

Many types of e-mobility connectors and supporting components play an important role in charging infrastructure, including E-T-A thermal overcurrent circuit breakers. Notable for their stability, these circuit breakers ensure nothing gets shorted out or explodes. They are designed with the sole purpose of safety, cutting an electrical circuit if the temperature gets too high. These miniaturized, single-pole circuit breakers are engineered for automotive fuse block installation with current ratings from 5A up to 30A and a voltage rating of 32V DC.

At PEI-Genesis, E-T-A circuit breakers

At PEI-Genesis, E-T-A circuit breakers are available in color-coded housing with standard fuse block mounting.

By transitioning from conventional vehicles to electric vehicles, we may be able to decrease our carbon footprint and stave off the worst impacts of climate change. The transition to electric vehicles requires innovative technologies such as the ETA circuit breakers. A PEI-Genesis blog article notes that “the advantage with EVs is the 70% utilization of the energy produced, from generating the electricity to the wheels, while internal combustion vehicles have a minuscule 12 to 30% utilization rate from refining the gasoline to running the engine.”

Another popular application in the e-mobility world is semis, or autonomous delivery vehicles (ADVs). These ADVs operate without human intervention, using artificial intelligence to deliver goods from retailers.

These AI systems rely on data provided in real-time from a wide variety of sensors related directly to control of vehicular systems, as well as radar, cameras, and lidar, which aid safety systems and serve as the eyes of self-driving vehicles.

cameras and Lidar

These systems must transmit data quickly and with minimal error to achieve the necessary communication for safe, practical autonomy on the road alongside vehicles controlled by often unpredictable human drivers. This means they depend heavily on e-mobility connectors, including data and power connectors.

ITT Cannon APD Series

The ITT Cannon APD Series comprises ISO 15 170 plastic connector series systems. These circular connectors have an easy-to-use, quick-mating bayonet coupling and are rated either IP67 or IP69. APD connectors can withstand exposure to aggressive environments, including corrosive fluids and extreme temperatures, as well as high levels of vibration and shock, as seen in trucks, buses, and other industrial vehicle applications.

More common applications refer to material handling, where conveyors, cranes, forklifts, and other equipment help make our lives easier. These systems are designed to optimize material handling processes and increase efficiency.

Anderson Power Products SBSX-75A Series

Anderson Power Products SBSX-75A Series are sealed waterproof connectors combining power and signaling to serve outdoor applications requiring environmentally rugged, high-power interconnect solutions. The connectors’ positive metal latches help safeguard against vibration, while built-in cable clamps allow for strain relief on wires. The product can operate at 600 volts/135A in temperatures ranging from -20° C to 105° C while performing against dust, water, and shock for an IP68K rating.

Using electricity to power vehicles and equipment provides environmental, health, and work benefits. In many countries, government tax incentives encourage e-mobility implementation to help reach climate goals.

As this market rapidly grows, it is important to have the right product to support cutting-edge technology, which is crucial for safe and effective operations. ETA circuit breakers, the APD Series from ITT Cannon, and the SBSX-75A Series from Anderson Power Products are all reliable solutions for this emerging market.

To learn more about e-mobility connectivity solutions, visit PEI Genesis.

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