TE 100G QSFP28 Copper Cable Assembly

By News Release | September 15, 2014

The TE 100G QSFP28 copper cable assembly complies with next-generation 100G Ethernet and InfiniBand EDR industry standards.

TE ConnectivityTE 100G QSFP28 Copper Cable Assembly introduced its new high-speed 100G QSFP28 passive copper cable assembly. Providing four data transmission lanes at 25Gb/s (or up to 28Gb/s per lane), this product satisfies market demand for the next generation of 100G switches, servers, routers, and other 100G data center equipment.

TE’s QSFP28 copper cable assembly design optimizes wire termination zones to minimize insertion loss and cross-talk, resulting in excellent signal integrity performance that complies with next-generation 100G Ethernet and InfiniBand Extended Data Rate (EDR) industry standards. The assembly is also backward-compatible with existing QSFP+ connectors and cages, making system upgrades simple and effortless for the data center, networking, and telecommunications.

“A large market is developing for 100G interconnect solutions, driven by next-generation performance specifications from the IEEE 802.3bj and InfiniBand industry associations,” said David Stonfer, global product manager at TE Connectivity. “Our QSFP28 passive copper cable assembly provides industry-leading signal integrity performance. These copper cables are a cost-effective solution for short-reach applications that are six meters or less in length. TE is also proud to offer end-to-end 100G interconnect solutions in QSFP28 connectors, cages, copper cable assemblies, and active optical cables and transceivers, which will be powered by TE’s 25G Coolbit optical engines.”

TE has specifically designed this cable assembly to fit a variety of installation requirements with wire gauges from 33AWG through 24AWG. The 25G QSFP28 copper cable assembly has additional features and benefits which include:

  • Conforms to SFF-8665 mechanical specification 
  • AWG-sized backshells minimize EMI
  • Pull-to-release slide latch design
  • Uses Madison Cable brand 25G TurboTwin parallel pair bulk cable
  • RoHS-compliant

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