What are NMD connectors?

By Amy Goetzman | May 07, 2024

What are NMD connectors?

Meet the Connector: NMD (Network Measurement Division) Connectors

NMD (Network Measurement Division) connectors are used specifically in network measurement equipment and setups. The name for these precision connectors was coined by Agilent Technologies, the Hewlett Packard business unit that produced the Agilent 8510A and 8720A analyzers and was spun off in 1999. These connectors are optimized for precision and accuracy in measuring various parameters of network signals, such as frequency, amplitude, phase, and distortion. NMD connectors designed for network measurement applications often have characteristics tailored to minimize signal loss, impedance mismatch, and other factors that could affect measurement accuracy. The term NMD is a broad designator that encompasses various types and configurations, such as coaxial connectors like SMA, BNC, N-type, and precision types such as 3.5mm and 2.4mm, depending on the specific needs of the measurement equipment and the frequencies being measured.


Radiall’s TestPro 3 cable features NMD to SMA interfaces and handles 40 Ghz

Radiall’s TestPro 3 cable features NMD to SMA interfaces and handles 40 Ghz


TE Connectivity’s 2.4mm female to 3.5mm female S/T NMD adaptor

Times Microwave offers a variety of NMD type coaxial connectors for Test & Measurement as well as assemblies featuring the Clarity line of test cables

Design Notes

Standardization: While some coaxial connector types in the NMD category are standardized, such as SMA connectors listed as MIL-STD-348, there is not an overarching standard for this category.  However, NMD connectors are generally more ruggedized than standard coaxial type connectors. A smaller, micro NMD connector designed for precision test cables has also recently been introduced.

Mounting type: NMD connectors are typically screw-type, panel mount, or cable mounted.

Impedance: NMD connectors are typically available in 50-ohm or 75-ohm impedance, depending on type.

Shielding, sealing, and environmental properties: NMD connectors used in test applications may be specified for rugged and harsh environment performance as required by the device under test.

Markets and Applications

Test & Measurement


TE Connectivity, Times Microwave, Rosenberger, Pasternack (available from DigiKey), Anoison, Fairview Microwave, MegaPhase, Spinner Group

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