Samtec Tiger Eye 0.80mm Discrete Wire System

By News Release | January 12, 2015

The Samtec Tiger Eye 0.80mm discrete wire system offers increased contact density for greater space savings in rugged applications.

SamtecSamtec Tiger Eye Discrete Wire System recently expanded its line of Tiger Eye products with a 0.80mm (.0315″) pitch discrete wire system, ideal for rugged applications where a highly reliable connection must be maintained. The micro-pitch system increases contact density for greater space savings and features Samtec’s Tiger Eye contacts, which are designed for high reliability and high mating cycles.

The Tiger Eye discrete wire socket cable assembly (SESDT Series) is available in a double-row design with up to 40 total positions on a 0.80mm (.0315″) pitch and 32AWG Teflon cable for use in high-temperature and other harsh environments. Rugged latching is standard on the assembly with a choice of single- or double-ended versions. Components are also available (ISDE/CC396 Series) along with a hand tool or mini applicator for customer assembly production. The mating board level terminal connector (TEM Series with –L1 latching option) features standard surface-mount tails along with through-hole weld tabs for increased stability.

Additional Tiger Eye discrete wire systems include 1.27mm (.050″) pitch (SFSX/TFSX Series) and 2.00mm (.0787″) pitch (S2SD/T2SD Series) cable assemblies. These assemblies feature high-reliability Tiger Eye contacts and are shrouded, polarized, and keyed for rugged, high-cycle applications.

News Release
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