PROVERTHA Quick-Lock Full-Metal Hood with Internal Cable Clamp

By News Release | June 22, 2015

The PROVERTHA Quick-Lock full metal hood with internal cable clamp enables extremely fast and reliable cable assembly.

PROVERTHAPROVERTHA Quick-Lock Full-Metal Hood with Internal Cable Clamp has expanded its portfolio of robust and easy-to-configure full-metal hoods. The new full-metal hood from the 104 series, which provides the proven Quick-Lock latching system, is now available with an internal cable clamp so cable can be connected faster and easier.

The Quick-Lock latching system provides one-hand operation and safe locking. Compared to conventional screw locking, the assembly is significantly faster. The safe locking process is supported by acoustic and tactile feedback. This reliable latching also guarantees the highest retention force.

PROVERTHA’s full-metal hoods ensure high mechanical robustness, even when used in very harsh environments. They are particularly easy to assemble due to the accessible design and the pre-cut threads. Additionally, the full-metal hoods reach an optimal HF-density based on their 360° EMI/RFI shielding system with the available crimp flange or crimp sleeve.

The innovative push-pull locking feature ensures an easy and fast locking of D-Sub connectors with device interfaces in addition to cable connections. With the Quick-Lock hood, D-Sub cable assemblies can be easily mounted and locked in space-restricted areas. The secure locking is signaled with an acoustic “click.”

The D-Sub full-metal hoods are available with assembly lengths of 42mm. PROVERTHA offers the robust full-metal hoods with nine, 15, 25, 37, and 50 pins.


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