PROVERTHA’s New D-Sub Mixed-Layout Connectors

By News Release | October 06, 2015

PROVERTHA’s expanded line of D-sub mixed-layout connectors includes variants with cost-effective but highly reliable contact material and green isolation bodies.

PROVERTHAPROVERTHA's New D-Sub Mixed-Layout Connectors expanded its mixed-layout D-sub connector portfolio to include a complete product range for PCB application and cable assemblies. Versions with different contact configurations allow for connectors with only high-power or coax contacts or combined connectors with signal and power or coax contacts. High-quality single components like turned contacts and solid mounting accessories allow secure, high-quality solutions for customer-specific applications. Suitable D-sub hoods are also available.

PROVERTHA also released a new series of mixed-layout D-Sub connectors with green isolation bodies and a new contact coating that provides GP quality grade. The contact coating was optimized so that manufacturing costs are significantly reduced while the quality grade G2 (200 mating cycles) is achieved. PROVERTHA offers mixed-layout D-sub connectors with quality grades G1 (500 mating cycles), G2 (200 cycles), and the cost-efficient GP variants (200 cycles).

The new variants with green isolation bodies and GP contact coating will initially be available with angled (90°) solder pins and 3W3, 5W5, and 17W2 (with signal contacts) configurations. Current-carrying capacity is 20A and 40A.

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