Updated: December 28th, 2019

Robots and customizable PCB materials help Onanon streamline production of medical connectors

The connector industry has evolved around a group of fundamental manufacturing processes:

  • Stamping reel-to-reel
  • Electroplating processes (either reel-to-reel or batch-plating in tanks)
  • Molded housings
  • Automated high speed machines that singulate contacts and insert them into the housings

The advantages of manufacturing connectors this way include high volume, low cost, and very high quality and consistency. Processes like this are problematic for low-volume connectors where set-up cost and time eliminate any cost advantage.

A second fundamental method of manufacturing is using turning technology on Swiss screw machines using rod stock to create pins and mating receptacles. These fast, efficient machines use rod stock fed past tools that create contacts one at a time. Screw machine connectors are commonly used in military, aero, and test connectors, and other applications that value reliability and robustness more than cost. Assembling contacts into housin