Neoconix Low-Profile X-Beam Electrical Connectors

By News Release | July 14, 2015

The Neoconix low-profile X-Beam electrical connectors are the ideal solution for mobile applications that require robust battery and signal connections.

NeoconixNeoconix Low-Profile X-Beam Electrical Connectors announced immediate availability of its new X-Beam family of electrical connectors. Featuring an ultra-low-profile form factor and a simplified SMT assembly process, the X-Beam product family is the latest Neoconix offering specifically developed for mobile and communications applications. Key electrical capabilities include high current capacity (up to 12A) in combination with excellent high-speed signal capabilities (up to 20Gb/s).

The first set of products within this family, X-Beam Mobile FPC Battery Products, is comprised of three part numbers (XBM-G016A, XBM-G028A, XBM-D048A). With up to 12A of current-carrying capacity and four additional signal contacts for temperature and over-voltage sensing, these connectors can support even the most demanding mobile applications. This power performance is achieved in a total height of approximately 1.0mm and PCB area of less than 80mm2.

The X-Beam technology also offers either internally ganged or discrete contacts. Internal ganging connects all the positive contacts and negative contacts together within the connector. The redundancy lowers the terminal resistance to less than three milliohms to reduce temperature rise and improve battery life. An X-Beam product with discrete contacts in a battery application will rely on contact redundancy on the corresponding FPC contact pads but adds versatility by combining power and high-speed signaling within the same connector.

An excellent example is the 48-position X-Beam connector. It is fully compatible as a USB 3.1-plus-power delivery interface, with six high-speed differential pairs for USB 3.0 and 2.0, four signal contacts for audio, and current capability up to 5A. The X-Beam connector meets the USB specification for less than -1.8dB loss at 15GHz.

“We developed the X-Beam family to provide a compelling solution for all types of mobile applications which typically are space- and cost-constrained,” said David Chen, senior director of operations. “The family has been optimized to provide significant cost savings for contact densities of 50 or below and is one of the only solutions on the market enabling both power and multiple high-speed signals in the same connector – saving tremendous space and cost for the manufacturer.”

The X-Beam products employ a robust z-axis compression contact geometry that has been proven on Neoconix interposers for more than a decade. This design leverages a predictable performance capability in terms of working range, contact force, and environmental/life expectations.

The X-Beam connectors are RoHS-compliant and may be surface-mounted using industry standard reflow processes. Alignment features co-molded into the liquid crystal polymer (LCP) carrier allow simple positioning and alignment of the flexible printed circuit (FPC) onto the connector during final assembly. Assembly features include a vertical blind-mate tapered lead-in and one-step screw retention that results in significant reductions in time of assembly.



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