I Need a Wire Harness Assembly

By Contributed Article | September 02, 2021

I Need a Wire Harness Assembly

Sometimes the last thing considered in a complex system is the wiring harness. However, as with many sub-assemblies that make up a system, wiring harnesses have many variables that may affect the quote and the quoting process if these variables are not clearly defined early in the quote process. Following is the information typically required to complete an accurate and timely quote.

Automotive wire harness

Basic Information Required for a Wire Harness Assembly:

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Information
    (Title, Telephone, Fax, Email)
  • Part Number
  • Rev Level
  • Date Quote is Required
  • RoHS/REACH Compliance Required
  • NAFTA Required
  • Print (if available)
  • Bill of Material (if available)
  • Quantity to Quote
  • Release Quantities


If there is no print or no BOM available, the customer will need to provide alternative information, as noted below.

For a simple prepped wire:
  • Wire AWG
  • UL Style
  • Wire Color(s)
  • Length of Finished Wire
  • Overall Length Tolerance
  • Blunt Cut
  • Strip and Retain (Strip Length and Tolerance)
  • Strip and Tin (Strip Length and Solder Type)
  • Packaging Requirement (bundled, bagged, boxed, etc.)


Also, don’t forget there are two ends to the wire. Do you want both ends prepped the same?

 For a wire with a contact crimped on one or both ends: 
  • The same information listed above is required, and you should also include the following:
    • Contact part number used on the left side
    • Contact part number used on the right side
    • Length measured from inner side of contacts
    • Pull test requirements
For an assembly with one connector:
  • The same information listed above is required, and you should also include the following:
    • Connector housing part number
    • Pin 1 designated
    • Pin out and color code
    • Length from inside edge of connector to end of wire
    • Continuity test


For all terminations, ensure the insulation thickness of the wire is compatible with the contacts on both ends of the assembly.

Many other options exist even for these “simple” interconnect solutions. For example, if labeling is required, the label size, label type, print copy, and position of the label must be specified. For cable ties, cable tie part number and position on cable should be included.  For heat shrink, specify heat shrink manufacturer, part number, color, length of recovered heat shrink, and position of heat shrink. For shielded cable assemblies, the shield termination should be clearly identified.

If cross-references are acceptable to reduce lead time, to replace obsolete components, or to avoid costly tooling charges, make sure this is clearly noted. When possible, specify generic wire call-outs to ensure that your cable assembly supplier can use the wire best suited for their machines. Small wire spools tend to curl wire and jam up machines, increasing scrap and downtime, thus increasing costs.

Some suppliers, like TLC, have a standard quote cover sheet and “boilerplate” quotes for prepped wire, crimped wire, one-connector assembly, and two-connector assemblies to simplify the process for customers.[hr]

Visit TLC online.

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