Five Things to Know About Precise Contacts for the Automotive Industry

By Contributed Article | April 06, 2015

Component requirements for the automotive market are demanding, diverse, and forward-looking. ODU shares five things to know about precise contacts for the automotive industry.

ODU LAMTAC stamped contact

The ODU LAMTAC stamped contact is capable of mating and de-mating up to 10,000+ cycles.

The reliable transfer of power, signals, data, and media are achieved with interconnects across a wide range of demanding applications and markets. The requirements for the automotive industry, for example, are both diverse and forward-looking. There are five things to know about how precise, industry-compliant connection solutions are successfully developed for this industry:

Highest Quality

The industry sets high and diverse standards for its products and manufacturers, which range from vibration resistance and media resistance to lightweight connections. Extensive qualification standards, such as LV215, must be met to be considered for these applications.

A high level of service is also expected as part of the overall “quality” package. A demand for cost-effective interfaces, ready availability for volume production, short delivery times, and simulation testing are among the best ways to ensure implementation of planned solutions.

More Than Just a Supplier

The industry’s diverse challenges require diverse solutions. However, a contact can only be a success if the manufacturer knows in advance how it will be used. The challenge is to develop an interface that offers a reliable contact and seamlessly functions in combination with other OEM products.

Extensive manufacturer experience, as well as staff competence regarding the technologies and the applications’ functions, are vital for achieving this. In what type of environment will the connection be used and what does it require? How is the contact going to be embedded into the insulator or the finished interface? Only when these initial questions are answered is it possible to develop contacts with outstanding precision and impressive results. Some suppliers can also, upon request, supply customers with system solutions where contacts are already integrated into an insulator as a complete assembly.

Suitable Contacts for Every Application

From charging contacts for plug-in and electric vehicles to HV battery contacts, a wide range of contact systems is successfully used in the automotive industry. If a manufacturer offers comprehensive consultation services, each interface can be precisely planned and integrated to match each specific application.

Project Management for Cost-Effective Solutions

First-class connectors or single contacts alone are not enough to ensure a product’s success. Cost-effective, highest-quality connector solutions start in the project management phase. Flexibility and fast response times require professional management with the right systems in place. Close cooperation between sales and design teams, proven know-how, and the consolidation of all competencies under one roof guarantee the success of the specified solution.

Mobility of the Future

All the major international automotive manufacturers today are working on vehicles with alternative drives for tomorrow. The move toward plug-in hybrid vehicles is relentless, and the demand is constantly growing. Whether hybrid or electric, innovative plug systems are essential in both types of vehicles, and the ability of suppliers to recognize trends and closely monitor market developments is indispensable.

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