FCI Wins DesignVision Award at DesignCon 2014

By News Release | January 30, 2014

FCI Wins DesignVision Award for ExaMAX® Direct Mate Orthogonal Connectors

DesignCon FCI Wins DesignVision AwardYesterday, FCI won a DesignCon DesignVision award in the interconnect technologies and components category for its ExaMAX® Direct Mate Orthogonal Connectors (DMO). The award program celebrates the achievements of the most innovative electronics companies and the unique tools that support customer needs to improve and simplify the design process. UBM Tech’s editorial staff evaluated products from hundreds of submissions to choose the winners. Winners were selected based on three criteria: How well the product met the market’s vision and offered unique insight into customer needs; the originality of the solution and if it offered a new approach to meeting market needs; and the quality of the implementation and how well it fits the market requirements.

ExaMAX connector technology delivers up to 40Gb/s bandwidth capability. The connector design combines a new contact interface design technology that significantly decreases terminal stub and ground-mode resonances with an optimized cable termination that minimizes impedance mismatch and signal loss.

DesignCon-FCI-EcoMaxFCI’s ExaMAX DMO enables backplane-free chassis architecture for easy and efficient front-to-rear cooling designs. That means a 50% reduction in chassis volume compared to traditional backplane or midplane designs that require fans and plenums, enabling the end user to fit more function in less data center rack space.

The orthogonal architecture improves signal integrity (SI) by shortening the signal path length and eliminating mating connectors. The direct orthogonal further improves SI by eliminating the backplane connectors completely.

The ExaMAX costs less than midplane architecture because it eliminates the midplane and midplane connectors. The end user only needs to buy the connectors for boards needed today. DMO architecture enables field upgrades to future interconnects without changing the chassis.

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