EWB Gives Tech Professionals a Chance to Change the World

By Amy Goetzman | February 20, 2024

Some of the brightest minds in the electronics world are working with Engineers Without Borders on humanity’s biggest problems, including clean water, sustainable agriculture, energy solutions, and disaster relief. 

Engineers Without Borders-USA, a non-profit founded in 2002 with regional branches in the UK, Australia, and other countries, connects engineering expertise with communities in need of solutions. The organization also brings talent together to work on challenges related to agriculture, clean drinking water, food security, healthy sanitation and toilets, energy and refrigeration, reproductive health, disaster preparedness, and other areas where technology can make a difference in quality of life. Engineers, both through partner organizations and on their own, provide expertise to collaborative design solutions for unique community challenges. Electronics companies are also stepping up to play a financial and strategic role in these efforts.

RS talent and components have helped shape EWB’s UK, South Africa, and Australian divisions efforts on education and sustainability. In 2023, RS helped support and judge the EWB competition, Engineering for People Design Challenge. RS has also partnered with Australia’s EWB to support its Regioneering ’ and Pathways’ programs. These programs are designed to inspire students from First Nations backgrounds in rural and remote regions of Australia and the Torres Strait Islands to explore STEM-related vocations. RS provides financial support as well as components as needed for EWB programming. In addition, the RS paid volunteer-leave program brings company talent directly into the community for Regioneering trips. Engineers share their experiences and passion for technology to develop the next generation of talent who will make a difference in their own communities.

Mouser Electronics has launched a new partnership with EWB in collaboration with semiconductor company Analog Devices to help fund research and development solar power projects to benefit America’s small farmers. For every Mouser order that includes at least one line of ADI products, a donation will be made to EWB-USA. The initiative is designed to engineer a brighter tomorrow for small U.S. farms by promoting sustainability, energy efficiency and economic viability.

“Mouser is committed to making a positive impact on our communities, and through this collaboration, we can take significant steps towards achieving our goal,” said Kevin Hess, senior vice president of marketing at Mouser Electronics. “This charitable program will help give small farmers the advanced technology they need to improve the resiliency of their farms, positively impacting the land and the people who farm it.”

Support for EWB and other technology partnerships that combine financial and component donations with hands-on service opportunities allow engineers to combine their technical expertise with real-world challenges. These initiatives help industry professionals develop their career, make life-changing connections with people, and experience the impact their work can have on lives around the world.

Learn more about volunteer opportunities with Engineers Without Borders. Visit the Preferred Supplier pages for Mouser Electronics and RS.

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