Amphenol Sine Systems VersaBOSS Circular Connectors

By News Release | June 15, 2015

Amphenol Sine Systems VersaBOSS Circular Connectors offer first-of-its-kind technology to meet the demands of variable frequency drives.

Amphenol Sine Systems’ VersaBOSS Circular Connectors Amphenol Sine Systems VersaBOSS Circular Connectorsoffer “first of its kind” connector technology in conjunction with advanced cable designs for the multifaceted demands of today’s variable frequency drives (VFDs).

This factory-terminated and test-certified, sealed and molded cable assembly combines a world-class connector, capable of delivering up to 20A of power in tandem with available signal options in a rapid-mating and compact circular design. With connectors designed and tested to interface with both Rockwell and SEW drives, this cable has the capacity to exceed UL 2237 “short- circuit” Withstand Test and “Distributed Branch Circuit” criteria, an ever-increasing requirement from those who demand more from their VFD.

Features include:

  • UL and cUL approval as an assembly
  • Sealed cable connections
  • Factory-installed molded ends
  • Plug-and-play design that eliminates hard wiring
  • Factory conductor terminations
  • Tray cable and exposed run to eliminate the need for conduit, interlocked, or armored cable designs
  • Power and signal in one
  • Superior performance shielding
  • High conductor stranding
  • Shell-to-ground connector design
  • Industrial-grade insulation


System designers and integrators will save time and money through the versatility of VersaBOSS. Faster commissioning and lower installed cost at start-up, residual maintenance savings, and the resulting total cost of ownership will result in rapid ROI.

News Release
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