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High-Tech Equipment and Processes Transform Farming

Today’s precision farming techniques rely on interconnect technologies. Although agriculture is the world’s oldest and most essential industry, it’s been completely transformed in recent years by modern technologies, many of which depend on electronics. Electronics now play a role in virtually every step of the agriculture process, from weather monitoring to irrigation to storage ofRead More

Industrial Connector Product Roundup

Innovative industrial interconnect products drive new designs capable of satisfying ever-increasing productivity, embedded computing, power distribution, energy efficiency, and always-on communications demands in a range of critical industrial applications, including: alternative energy (EVs, wind power, and solar power), broadband communications, factory automation, heavy equipment, instrumentation, motion control, mass transportation, and natural resource exploration. Check out thisRead More

Product Roundup: Circular Connectors

From military to medical, industrial to electric vehicle, circular connectors are a durable, configurable interconnect option that cross a broad range of applications.   Product Roundup INDUSTRIAL@AMPHENOL’s new overmolded cable assembly options are now available in the ecomate product line. The technology offers proven reliability across all applications within factory automation, lighting, measurement and control,Read More

Cable Connectivity for Variable Frequency Drives

The VFD cable is often an afterthought in the exhaustive research and consultation process to choose an advanced variable frequency drive. Here, Wayne Spence of Amphenol Sine explains why it is critical to the overall system.     The phone rings; your chest begins to pound, and the receiving manager’s voice confirms it’s the moment you’ve longRead More

Amphenol Sine Systems VersaBOSS Circular Connectors

Amphenol Sine Systems VersaBOSS Circular Connectors offer first-of-its-kind technology to meet the demands of variable frequency drives. Amphenol Sine Systems’ VersaBOSS Circular Connectors offer “first of its kind” connector technology in conjunction with advanced cable designs for the multifaceted demands of today’s variable frequency drives (VFDs). This factory-terminated and test-certified, sealed and molded cable assemblyRead More

Inside Connection: Amphenol Sine Systems

Inside Connection highlights the technologies, innovations, special services, and unique products from connector suppliers like Amphenol Sine Systems. Headquarters: Clinton Township, Mich., US About the Company Industrial@Amphenol is a subsidiary of the Amphenol Corporation and is a leader in industrial interconnect products. The company designs, manufactures, and supplies high-performance interconnect systems for a broad rangeRead More

Amphenol card|mate wiping Connector

The Amphenol card|mate wiping connector offers the smallest possible form factor while standing up to 500,000 mating cycles. Amphenol’s card|mate-wiping connector offers extremely small dimensions of 57.0mm x 30.0mm x 5.0mm and a long lifetime of 500,000 mating cycles, which provides crucial product benefits in payment terminal applications. The contacts of the card|mate-wiping are all on theRead More

Amphenol Sine Systems’ M23 Hybrid DMC

Amphenol Sine Systems’ M23 Hybrid DMC, an extension of the MotionGrade M23 product line, is ideal for advanced servo-drive encoder feedback applications. Amphenol Sine Systems has improved its MotionGrade M23 Connector product lines with the development of the new M23 Hybrid DMC Series Connector. Available versions include: 2 Power + PE + 1 Signal +Read More

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