Amphenol Aerospace Delivers Data Rates Up to 10 Gb Per Pair

By Connector Supplier | March 04, 2013

Amphenol Aerospace Delivers Data Rates Up to 10 Gb Per Pair

Amphenol Aerospace now offers a new high-speed, rugged connector capable of delivering data rates up to 10 Gb/s per pair. The high-density Oval Contact System (OCS) features improved signal integrity via reduced cross-talk as well as enhanced attenuation performance as compared to industry standard quadrax.

Designed for high-speed applications including, but not limited to, 10/40G Ethernet, HDMI/DVI video, 1/2/4/8G Fiber Channel, SATA, Serial RapidIO, and PCI Express, the rugged OCS connector is ideal for use in the defense, commercial, and industrial markets.

The new high-density connectors come in nine insert patterns, the largest of which includes 21 differential pairs in a MIL-DTL-38999 series III shell size of 25. The connectors feature a reduced size and weight with a front-release, rear-removable contact system for easy repair.

The OCS meets the environmental requirements of MIL-DTL-38999 and uses off-the-shelf Mil Spec backshells. Solder cup, crimp, and PCB tail termination contacts are available. Contact and plating materials are consistent with SAE-AS39029.

The OCS withstands a minimum of 500 mating cycles and features an operating temperature range of -65°C to +175°C.

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