HARTING Launches PushPull Connectors for Security and Surveillance

By Connector Supplier | January 21, 2013

HARTING Launches PushPull Connectors for Security and Surveillance

The HARTING Technology Group has expanded its know-how from wind energy, railroad technology, and automation efficiency to security and surveillance technology, due to customer demand for superior quality and longevity under adverse conditions for products in this application area.

The HARTING PushPull connectors in variant 4 are employed for the simple and reliable connection of radio antennas and video cameras. Utilizing Power-over-Ethernet, one termination can handle both the power supply and data transmission. Even data rates up to 10 Gb/s and fiber-optic termination variants are possible.

Larger connectors from HARTING’s Han-Modular product family are used in termination and distribution boxes all over the world in applications such as installing a number of surveillance cameras on one mast. The distribution box handles both the power supply to the cameras and the collection of the image data. The Han-Modular product family supports precisely these requirements, thanks to its broad selection of modular inserts. Power, signals, and data can be transmitted in a single connector, ensuring simple, speedy, and reliable installation.

Switches from the Ha-VIS eCon series are also used in camera termination and the collection and distribution of the image data. The eCon 2050-WI supports jumbo frame functionality by allowing the connection of up to five RJ45 cameras, each transmitting up to 1Gb/s.

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