Updated: April 19th, 2019

New automotive technologies are changing the ways that cars are wired. Here’s a look at some of the systems that are rising in importance as automation, electrification, and connectivity take the wheel.

By Gabe Osorio, Regional Sales Engineer, Transportation Business Unit, TTI Inc.

Rugged, Modular Connector Systems

A major emerging technology in the electronic components industry are connector systems that can stand up to the harsh environments found in transportation applications and can also provide the ability to link several systems together through a firewall.

The many facets of transportation applications make designing, engineering, and manufacturing connectors a challenge. These critical components must reliably transmit power, signal, and data in all manner of conditions. Personal watercraft vehicles subject connectors to immersion, saltwater, variable temperatures, and high vibration. Mining equipment combines high-vibration conditions with a dirty and dusty environment and high-pressure wash systems. Connectors in commercial trucking systems must endure temperatu