TE Low-Profile Hermaphroditic Connectors

By News Release | September 22, 2014

The new TE hermaphroditic connectors are low-profile board-to-board and wire-to-board connectors that are ideal for lighting applications.

TETE Low-Profile Hermaphroditic Connectors announced its low-profile, surface-mount technology (SMT), miniature hermaphroditic connectors. The connectors are designed to provide power between adjacent linear LED lighting strip modules and enable faster and more efficient connections by allowing customers to mate and unmate linear LED module strips horizontally and vertically.

“The SMT miniature hermaphroditic connectors allow LED-printed circuit board strips to be joined with more flexibility than with traditional pin-and-socket SMT headers,” said Alex Hunt III, product manager, TE Connectivity – Intelligent Buildings. “The hermaphroditic design minimizes part number inventory, lowers production costs, and simplifies the LED printed circuit board layout.”

The connectors are available in two-, four-, and six-position hermaphroditic versions for lighting, data, and control connections. The low-profile connectors were designed with rounded corners to minimize LED light obstruction, flat-top surfaces for vacuum pickup, and high-temperature material for reflow processing. The hermaphroditic connectors are also available with a one-position blade and receptacle for narrow-width spacing on LED printed circuit board applications.

TE’s 3A, 300VAC/DC-rated connectors operate at temperatures between -40ºC and +105ºC with a 1600VAC dielectric-withstanding voltage rating. The connectors’ housings feature UL 94V0-rated high-temperature-resistant thermoplastic material, and contacts are constructed using a high-conductivity copper alloy with tin-over-nickel plating.

“The two-position wire-to-board insert molded lead assembly is designed to be secured with double-sided, thermally conductive tape,” said Hunt. “This eliminates the need for latching features or hardware that would increase the overall height and width of the power connection to the linear LED module strip.”

The SMT miniature hermaphroditic connectors are best used in applications for architectural and sign lighting, retail and display lighting, fluorescent LED retrofit lighting, cabinet and furniture lighting, and commercial and residential cove lighting.

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