Sensors for Harsh Environment Applications Product Roundup

By AJ Born | April 05, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights sensors for harsh environments from leading suppliers.

Sensors for Harsh Environment Applications 

The MSP300 pressure transducer from TE Connectivity’s Microfused line, supplied by Allied Electronics & AutomationThe MSP300 pressure transducer from TE Connectivity’s Microfused line, supplied by Allied Electronics & Automation, can be used to measure liquid or gas pressure, including difficult media such as contaminated water, steam, and mildly corrosive fluids. The transducer pressure cavity is machined from a solid piece of 17-4PH or 316L stainless steel. The standard version includes a 1/4 NPT pipe thread to create a leak-proof, all-metal sealed system. With no O-rings, welds, or organics exposed to the pressure media, excellent durability is achieved. TE’s proprietary Microfused technology, derived from demanding aerospace applications, employs micromachined silicon piezoresistive strain gauges fused with high temperature glass to a stainless steel diaphragm. This approach achieves media compatibility simply and elegantly while providing an exceptionally stable sensor without the PN junctions of conventional micromachined sensors. This product is geared towards industrial and commercial OEMs for small- to high-volume applications. Standard configurations are suitable for many applications.


Chief Enterprises is an authorized distributor of high quality Bosch automotive sensorsChief Enterprises is an authorized distributor of high quality Bosch automotive sensors designed and tested for harsh environments. Bosch manufactures industry standard oxygen, fuel, temperature, and lambda sensors. The wide-band lambda oxygen sensor is used in a wide range of applications to determine the oxygen concentration in exhaust gas. It is suitable for gasoline, diesel, and gas-powered engines and gas-powered central and water heaters. Its monotonic output signal is in the range of λ=0.65 to air.


PEI-Genesis supplies Trafag’s complete line of temperature-monitoring productsPEI-Genesis supplies Trafag’s complete line of temperature-monitoring products including transmitters, switches, and gauges. From high-accuracy lab-grade measurement to OEM volume requirements, all the bases are covered. Trafag temperature transmitters are used for electronically measuring and evaluating temperature. Over the decades, Trafag temperature sensors have proven themselves in a multitude of demanding applications in harsh environments. They are ideal for many applications such as machine tools, hydraulic power units, cooling and lubrication systems, HVAC, process technology, shipbuilding, railways, and refrigeration. Superior technology and precise manufacturing ensure that the Trafag temperature transmitters work perfectly, especially in areas with high requirements.


Honeywell’s MIP Series from Powell ElectronicsHoneywell’s MIP Series from Powell Electronics offers a heavy duty, media-isolated pressure transducer in a compact, stainless-steel construction for use with a wide range of media, including aggressive fluids and water. The MIP Series provides a cost-competitive solution for wide-ranging potential applications in tough environments. MIP is beneficial in applications where the sensor functionality and the “need to know” internal or external failure mode is critical. Multiple configuration possibilities provide flexibility of use in the application with no up-front non-recurring engineering (NRE) or tooling charges. MIP provides long-term stability, insulation resistance and dielectric strength, external freeze-thaw resistance for the Metri-Pack 150 versions, and EMC performance, as well as other tough environmental capabilities.


Weidmüller’s BLADE control is the pioneer in rotor blade monitoring for wind turbines. The well-known condition monitoring system increases turbine availability, reduces downtimes, and ensures optimum efficiency. With broad knowledge and many years of experience in the wind power industry, Weidmüller brings transparency that increases cost efficiency, revenue, and plant safety, improves efficiency, and reduces risks in the long term.

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