Antennas Product Roundup

By AJ Born | June 21, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights antennas from leading suppliers.


PEI-Genesis offers ceiling and rooftop mounted rail antennas from TE ConnectivityPEI-Genesis offers ceiling and rooftop mounted rail antennas from TE Connectivity. With a high impact, flame retardant housing, these MIMO (multiple input multiple output) rail antennas are ideal for use in trains, trams, and buses.


AN01 series from JAEAN01 series from JAE features high performance and high efficiency despite its compact size of about 1/10 of the wavelength. Omnidirectional radiation creates radio coverage without dead spots. The automatic pick and place mounting compatible surface mount device (SMD) reduces assembly cost. Minimal influence from nearby metallic objects and dielectric materials and fewer restrictions on component placement ensure a high degree of design flexibility. Private LTE (1.9 GHz and 3.3 to 3.8 GHz) and local 5G (4.6 to 4.9 GHz) frequency bands can be supported using the same AN01 series antennas by adding a frequency adjustment pattern on the board where the antenna is mounted.

TE Connectivity’s Omni Directional Antenna Family, supplied by Powell ElectronicsTE Connectivity’s Omni Directional Antenna Family, supplied by Powell Electronics, offers a wide range of external rail antennas for professional and mission-critical applications. Most of these high-performance antennas combine multiple services such as 2G/3G/4G/5G/LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS/GNSS in a single antenna package and meet industry standards. The rail antenna portfolio includes EN50155 and EN45545 compliant, high performance MIMO antennas for onboard rail applications that offer 2G/3G/4G/5G/LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS/GNSS services with external rooftop antennas and in-vehicle Wi-Fi antennas; vehicle antennas designed to support the new generation of vehicular LTE/Wi-Fi routers and cover configurable services such as 2G/3G/4G/5G/LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS/GNSS in just one antenna for flexibility and versatility; and semi-stationary antennas designed to provide MIMO cellular/LTE antenna and optional GPS function for IoT and M2M applications.

GDT-2000 S/C-Band Ground Data Terminal Antenna System from Smiths InterconnectGDT-2000 S/C-Band Ground Data Terminal Antenna System from Smiths Interconnect offers tactical datalink communications for fixed ground and on-the-move applications. The GDT antenna assembly consists of a positioner, a controller, and parabolic feed assemblies that provide the critical command, control, and sensor connectivity of the TUAV to the ground control station. Features include a four-foot reflector aperture (the largest in class), high gain performance, and adjustable tripod for ground slope variation. This antenna system is rugged and lightweight and can be set up in 15 minutes. L-Band capability is available. Transit cases for transport are also available.

PCB & FPC Wi-Fi antenna range from Cinch Connectivity SolutionsThe PCB & FPC Wi-Fi antenna range from Cinch Connectivity Solutions offers customers a reliable and easy drop-in solution for integrated Wi-Fi communications. The antennas can be customized to required specifications for cable length and connector type. They are RoHS compliant with industrial temperature range and 4G & 5G ranges, and compatible with an I-PEX connector. Features include 10 N of pull force, 50 ohm impedance, adhesive backing, and PCB or FPC.


PCTEL’s Trooper Max Slender Sharkfin 5G Cellular Combination Antenna Platform from Allied Electronics & AutomationPCTEL’s Trooper Max Slender Sharkfin 5G Cellular Combination Antenna Platform from Allied Electronics & Automation meets the high-speed requirements of complex RF communication systems used for intelligent transportation systems (ITS). It has a rugged, aerodynamic, and UV-resistant design to fit industrial settings. Trooper Max features two 5G elements compatible with the world’s leading cellular routers supporting 600 MHz to 6 GHz frequencies. It provides no tune, multi-band coverage – Dual LTE, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, optional UHF whip, and GPS L1/GLONASS/Galileo/Beidou constellations — and covers Wi-Fi 6 frequency ranges. The metal 5/8-inch stud mount provides a single cable exit for installation ease. The IP67-compliant design offers maximum protection against water or dust ingress under severe environmental conditions.

RAD-900-ANT-OMNI-2-N Omnidirectional antenna from Phoenix ContactThe RAD-900-ANT-OMNI-2-N Omnidirectional antenna from Phoenix Contact is designed for freely mobile applications. It features 868 MHz / 900 MHz, 2 dBi gain, linear polarization, opening angle of h/v 360°/50°, IP66 protection, N (female) connection, and control cabinet mounting and optional wall mounting.



KP antennasKP Performance Antennas’ new series of wide-band, log periodic, directional antennas cover 790 MHz to 6 GHz to address myriad wireless networking applications. This series has all necessary wide-band frequency access in one product to provide coverage to support applications such as distributed antenna systems (DAS), 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, public safety and NB-IoT networks. They offer high gain directional coverage and meet the needs of global cellular and wireless network applications. These antennas provide 9 to 16 dBi gain, MIMO capabilities boosting speed and mitigating interference, and RG58 pigtails for short patch connections from radio to antenna. The radome’s weatherproof ABS construction, combined with the electric properties of polycarbonate, ensures these antennas perform optimally even during inclement weather and in harsh operating environments. Engineered for easy outdoor installation on a mast or pole, they are well-suited for use outside offices and commercial buildings and in locations with minimal cellular signal strength and provide advanced boosting for fixed installations.

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