Schleuniger UniCrimp 100 Bench Crimping Press

By News Release | July 31, 2015

The Schleuniger UniCrimp 100 bench crimping press can process wires up to 6mm2.

Schleuniger’sSchleuniger UniCrimp 100 Bench Crimping Press new UniCrimp 100 delivers power and precision at a very competitive price. It is a simple and cost-effective crimping press that provides high-quality performance. With 20 kN (2.2 tons) of crimping force, the UniCrimp 100 can process wires up to 6mm2 (10AWG).

The press accepts most industry-standard, mini-style applicators for crimping side- and rear-feed terminals. The optional pneumatic feed unit accommodates pneumatic feed applicators. Excellent applicator access makes adjustments and exchanges quick and simple and the optional quick-change applicator base is available for even greater efficiency.

The power and robust design of the UniCrimp 100 make it suitable for a wide range of applications and the simplicity combined with accuracy makes it ideal for a variety of production environments.


News Release
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