Robotics Connectors Product Roundup

By AJ Born | November 30, 2021

This week’s Product Roundup highlights robotics connectors from leading suppliers. As robotics becomes more advanced, reducing the need for humans in dangerous situations or difficult environments, design challenges continue to emerge. Here are the latest connectivity solutions for this rapidly advancing market.

Robotics Connectors

Smiths Interconnect’s M12 Series connectorsSmiths Interconnect’s M12 Series connectors offer a robust and compact connectivity solution that addresses space and weight concerns in specific application environments. The design incorporates Hypertac hyperboloid contacts for performance, ease of use, and reliability. A unique side loading contact retention system provides a positive contact retention and simplifies the assembly process, reduces assembly times, and makes the product series very user friendly. Within a common housing design, the M12 series includes insert options from 3 to 8 ways, with both crimp and solder contact terminations available. Smiths Interconnect M12 connectors, are ideal for a wide range of applications, including robots and factory automation. The M12 Series offers a time-saving, reliable, and tool-free solution with outstanding protection against electromagnetic interference through a full 360° screen connection. A complete range of standard options and accessories is available. The total number of components used in the design has been optimized to reduce stocking requirements.

KN01 Series from JAEThe KN01 Series from JAE is a large yet lightweight and high-density waterproof rectangular connector. This connector is ideal for industrial equipment such as robotics, automated machinery, and machine tools, which require resilience against environmental conditions. The KN01 Series can be used for a wide range of applications with an insert structure that can be customized to comply with various pin counts by combining the block style insulator. The locking lever adopts a rack and pinion system that enables mating and unmating with minimal operation. The lever is stationary before mating and the dual lock structure prevents incorrect mating and operation. Arrangement of insulator block and insertion orientation allows for various pin count and arrangements. An optional insulator with EMI noise control shielding is available for combined use of power and signal in a single unit.

CDM Electronics supplies the small but powerful M5 connector from binder. CDM Electronics supplies the small but powerful M5 connector from binder. The M5 series offers many advantages, including its size, weight, and price. Besides molded male and female cable connectors, the M5 connector family includes female angled connectors, male receptacles, and male and female panel mount connectors which can be delivered with dip-solder contacts or single wires. The M5 is very popular among customers who are also connecting cables with freely configurable ends, such as male cable connector to female cable connector and male angled connector to male angled connector. The contact arrangements (with three and four contacts) of the M5 series are mutually compatible – unlike the M8 series. For example, it is possible to connect an M5 male connector with three contacts to an M5 female connector with four contacts. The M5 Series is suitable for robotics applications.

 Phoenix Contact’s FINEPITCH board-to-board connectorsPhoenix Contact’s FINEPITCH board-to-board connectors are ruggedized for harsh environments, optimized for signal integrity, and available in shielded and unshielded versions. Individual PCB orientations with different designs, stack heights, and numbers of positions in compact 0.8 and 1.27 mm pitches are possible. FINEPITCH connectors are well-suited for robotics applications.

Nano Circular Series utilizes Omnetics Connector CorporationThe Nano Circular Series utilizes Omnetics Connector Corporation’s rugged and reliable Flex-Pin contact system. Spaced on 25 mil (.64mm) centerlines and a 9.0 mm mated length, these connectors are the smallest MIL-quality circulars available today. Extremely small outer diameters range from .122″ (3.1 mm) to .217″ (5.5 mm). These connectors are ideal for the most demanding applications, such as robotics, due to their ability to withstand high shock and vibration while maintaining electrical integrity. Gold plated contacts are polarized and shrouded by Omnetics’ unique Liquid Crystal Polymer housing, making these connectors capable of over 2,000 mating cycles. Housing sizes in 6, 11, 16, and 28 positions are available in pre-wired and solid straight tail versions. Elaborate wire harnesses, flex termination, overmolding, and custom shells are all available upon request.

METZ CONNECT's M12 CAT 6A, X-Code PlugMETZ CONNECT’s M12 CAT 6A, X-Code Plug, P/N MNF881A315-0001, is IP67 rated and suitable for 10 GBit Ethernet. With a robust zinc die-cast housing providing 360-degree shielding, the compact M12 X-code plug is vibration proof (IEC 61076-2-109) and shock proof (IEC 61076-2-109), making it ideal for robotics and industrial applications.

Bernier CMA robotic connectorsBERNIER offers CMA (from 4 to 22 contacts), CMASD (small dimension, high-density from 8 to 19 contacts), CMALD (large dimension with high contact density configuration, 36 contacts), and CMA-USBC (USB3.0 for data, audio, video, and energy). These circular connectors are push-pull or quick-releasable for harsh environments. They are easy to handle with fast and reliable mating for many types of applications such as robotics, UAV, radio systems, intercom, encrypted data, optronic devices, future soldiers, ruggedized computers, and tactical equipment.

Amphenol ICC’s Minitek 2.00mm modular connector systemAmphenol ICC’s Minitek 2.00mm modular connector system serves the needs of component engineers looking for an industry proven, reliable interconnect system for their next robotics system. Internal board-to-board and wire/cable-to-board connectors unite all the electronic components of the controller system, or the robot’s “brain.” Minitek 2.00mm modular system saves 38% board space compared to 2.54mm modular systems. It is built around reliable dual-beam contact systems to ensure performance in demanding applications and is comprised of dimensional stable plastics to perform in environments up to 125° C. Its versatile pin on socket system has an almost endless variety of configurations to accommodate all design needs.

TE Connectivity’s INTERCONTECTE Connectivity’s INTERCONTEC signal, power, and hybrid connectors enable successful robotics connectivity for high-performance industrial applications. Delivering more data, power, and signal into industrial robotic systems, they help reduce downtime, increase motor application productivity, and enable greater flexibility. INTERCONTEC’s modular design has only a few individual parts. This highly customizable configuration makes them ideal for many different combinations in a broad range of applications, including drive systems, robotics, mechanical engineering, automation mechatronics, medical/chemical engineering, and aerospace. The plug-and-play design enables simple and efficient installation and parts replacement – even for non-electricians. INTERCONTEC connectors are rated up to IP66/67, with options up to IP68/69.

Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ MS3110 through MS3129Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ MS3110 through MS3129 and commercial versions of MIL-DTL-26482 environmentally sealed circular connector can be used in robotic arms, such as those found on manufacturing lines. They offer power and signal for the arms, while being rugged enough to deal with vibration sensitivity. They are available in threaded and bayonet coupling with solder, crimp, or pc tail contacts, and also in PW, PWF, and PWC series commercial versions.

Stewart Connector’s M12 X-CodeStewart Connector’s M12 X-Code connectors are a growing standard for industrial automation, robotics, outdoor applications, agriculture, and more. X-Code connectors feature 8 positions and are often used for industrial Ethernet connectivity and transmission. The M12 X-Code PCB mount connectors have the transmission reliability of Stewart Connector’s RJ45 connectors combined with the robust features needed in industrial environments where M12 connectors are common.


Belden's M8 product rangeBelden’s M8 product range offers the right solution for virtually every installation scenario. Despite their small size, these robust connectors can process a large number of signals. The M8 5-pole B-coded connectors from Lumberg Automation facilitate power transmission and reliable signals, making them an ideal solution for robotics applications. They are one-third the size of M12 connector to deliver 2.5 times the power transmission of standard applications. Foolproof mountable B-coding ensures correct orientation, making the connectors impossible to mis-mate, even in tight spaces.

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