What are Fieldbus Connectors?

By AJ Born | August 08, 2023

Meet the Connector: Fieldbus Connectors

Fieldbus is an industrial network used to connect instruments in manufacturing environments. Multiple types of fieldbus networks exist to serve a variety of applications, including EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, and DeviceNet. Fieldbus connectors simplify the process of linking fieldbus equipment to network segments. They eliminate the need for junction boxes using conventional terminal blocks. Coupling devices provide a convenient way to form highly reliable connections between field instruments and the trunk cable, but many of them are equipped with features such as short circuit protection and spur status LED indication.


Many different types of connectors are used in fieldbus networks, including D-Sub, metric circular connectors (e.g., M12, M15, M17), RJ45, and Ethernet.

Fieldbus connectors are also known as fieldbus couplers, fieldbus distributors, field device connectors, or bricks.


Cables for the fieldbus connectors require plugs that match the coupling sockets. Since the plugs are bulky, the cable must either be pulled through an oversized electrical conduit to allow for the width of the plug, or the plug must be installed after the cable is pulled through the conduit.

The RJFTV Through-bulkhead from Amphenol Pcd

The RJFTV Through-bulkhead from Amphenol Pcd is a double-ended receptacle that enables the connection of two RJFTV plugs on both sides of the panel. It provides the best protection for the system while being very easy to assemble. Shell size 19; IP68-rated seal against fluids and dust when mated; shock, vibration, and traction resistant; available for Cat.5e and Cat.6 Ethernet. The back termination is either aluminum or marine bronze shell. The insert can be metallized or non-metalized. Metallized is used for electrical continuity from one end to the other end of the cordset and improves EMI protection.

Fieldbus couplers from Phoenix Contact

Fieldbus couplers from Phoenix Contact are used for PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus (FF). The modular DP-PA coupler transparently connects PROFIBUS DP networks to PROFIBUS PA process networks to easily network field devices with the control systems.

Lumberg Automation, a Belden company, offers Fieldbus Connectors

Lumberg Automation, a Belden company, offers Fieldbus Connectors that provide secure transmission of analog and digital data in harsh industrial settings. Choose between multiprotocol options such as EtherNet IP, Profinet, ASI, and many others to ensure that the product meets the needs of your application.


Fieldbus connectors are used in industrial settings, specifically factory environments. They are designed to withstand the environmental demands associated with factories and, depending on the specific application, they may be shielded and rated for ingress protection (e.g., IP67 or IP69K)


Amphenol Pcd, Phoenix Contact, Belden – Lumberg Automation, Electro-Matic

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