Product Roundup for January 10, 2017

By Connector Supplier | January 10, 2017

New connector and cable product roundup for January 10, 2017.



LEMOLEMO Multi-Concentric Contact Connectors for oil and gas’s new Multi Concentric Contact Connectors for the oil and gas market are dedicated to applications in which connectors need to allow for a measure of low-speed rotation, making them an ideal solution for petroleum downhole drilling systems, turrets, and other free-twisting equipment. Available in various shell sizes with four to 10 recessed and scoop-proof contacts, the series is designed for up to 10,000 rotation cycles and is not impedance controlled.

ODUODU hybrid connectors’s versatile Hybrid Connectors accommodate multiple pin counts and contact combinations, enabling the reliable transfer of power, signal, data, and media in a wide range of demanding medical, military, industrial, and test and measurement applications, including: gas analyzers, dental devices, precision measuring, and fertilizer discharge equipment. The series also features several waterproof ratings and termination types, and delivers high data transfer rates.

Amphenol Industrial Products GroupAmphenol UPT series plastic circular connectors’s UPT Series plastic shell interconnects are designed for use in industrial applications that don’t require metal shells or mil-spec equivalents, including: diesel engines, tractors, construction equipment, and industrial pumping and power generation systems. Lightweight, compact, and cost effective, the series features a metal bayonet coupling system, and is available in wall-mount, jam nut, and straight plug shell styles with 12 or 16 stamped and formed crimp contacts and 24–32 or 24–48 insert arrangements.

AerosUSAAerosUSA RQG2 UNEF polyamide connectors offers Flexa’s rugged RQG2 UNEF polyamide connectors are designed to thread onto the back end of traditional, military style 5015 connectors to protect the overall assembly in applications including: military ground support equipment, railway cars, and heavy machinery. The female threaded fittings are available with IP66, IP68, and IP69K ingress protection; exhibit outstanding resistance to high impact forces, acids, and solvents; are free of silicone, cadmium, and halogen; and have excellent flame retardant and self-extinguishing properties.

Hirose ElectricHirose HR30 Series circular connectors’s HR30 Series circular plastic power connectors are small, lightweight, and low profile, and deliver extreme reliability in harsh outdoor and industrial applications, including: LED lighting, street lamps, base transceiver systems (BTS), servo motors, ship GPS, test and measurement equipment, and linear scales. Featuring a patented push-and-pull lock mating mechanism and a unique IP68-rated waterproof gasket that prevents water intrusion at depths up to 2m for up to 14 days, the series is available with 3, 6, 10, and 12 positions rated for up to 100VAC, 140VDC, and 5A, and in plug, receptacle, and jack-and-cap versions, the latter of which is compatible with overmolding processes.

PA&EPA&E circular DC hermetic connectors’s circular DC hermetic connectors are designed for military, space, commercial, and medical applications with environmental conditions that require extremely rugged and reliable hermetic seals. Available in catalog and custom versions compatible with both laser welding and soldering, these connectors utilize Kryoflex®, the company’s specialized polycrystalline ceramic material, to produce seals with robust resistance to extreme temperatures and humidity.


ChogoriChogori’s M12 Series field-installable connectors’s M12 Series field-installable connectors feature coupling nuts for enhanced vibration resistance and allow users to customize cable type and length, enabling quick, easy, and cost-effective onsite installations in applications including proximity and safety switches, and other miniature I/O devices and sensors. Rated for up to 250V and 4A, the series is available in male and female straight and right angle versions with 3, 4, 5, and 8 pins, screw-in or solder terminations, plastic or metal housings, and A, B, or D coding.


BulginBulgin EXPlora Series sealed circular connectors’s EXPlora Series environmentally sealed circular connectors enable quick and easy screw-fixed connections with robust dust and waterproof resistance. Designed for use in ATEX Zone 2 applications with hazardous or explosive atmospheres, including: motors, pumps, lighting, and process and control equipment, the series is available with 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10 pole variants and features positive location keyways to prevent incorrect coupling.


Phoenix ContactPhoenix Contact’s 18AWG M12 cordsets’s 18AWG M12 cordsets were designed for use in traditional 22AWG M12 assembly applications in which voltage drop is a concern, necessitating the specification of a larger wire. Available in 3, 4, and 5 positions, the PLTC cables feature sunlight resistant PVC jackets, and are rated for use in temperatures up to 105°C.


SGconnSGconn’s IP66 waterproof, dual-port USB chargers’s IP66 waterproof, dual-port USB chargers are designed for use in harsh, outdoor environment applications, including: marine, power sport, and utility vehicles, heavy equipment, and golf carts. Capable of powering smartphones, tablets, and other USB-enabled electronic devices, the series is available in 12V, 12–24V, and 48V options with a normally open or normally closed magnetic cap, and is engineered to fit into traditional 12V power points with simple snap-in panel mounting.

OmneticsOmnetics’ Micro ACME Triple Thread Ratcheting Circular ConnectorsMicro ACME Triple Thread Ratcheting Circular Connectors feature lightweight aluminum ratchet-coupling shells that provide rugged, high-reliability, IP68 watertight connections for continuous signal integrity in harsh military, aerospace, security, and petroleum applications subject to high shock and vibration. The series also features alignment keys and insulators that enable quick, secure couplings and over-molded strain reliefs on the back of each connector that conform to the cabling, improving the overall reliability of the completed cable assembly.

TE ConnectivityTE Connectivity’s SEACON MINI-CON dry-mate electrical connectors’s SEACON MINI-CON dry-mate electrical connectors are small diameter, high density connectors designed for use in high pressure marine applications, including: drilling systems, umbilical links, and submarines. Made of 316 stainless steel with glass reinforced epoxy (GRE) inserts and gold-plated copper alloy contacts, the series is available in 13 shell sizes with up to 203 contacts (including coax), and is rated for up to 16,000psi, 5,000VDC, and 23A. The series is also available with higher psi ratings and in optical, hybrid, self-wiping, reverse insert, pressure balanced oil-filled (PBOF), titanium, and Monel™ models upon request.

BinderBinder’s M12 S- and T-coded Power Panel Mount Connectors’s M12 S- and T-coded Power Panel Mount Connectors are now available with plastic, prewired receptacles ideal for use in process and manufacturing automation applications in industrial networks. Designed to be threaded into panels or fixed with a locking nut, the series features IP67-rated protection from liquids and debris, gold-plated contacts with crimp terminations for low contact resistance, and is rated for up to 630VAC, 63VDC, and 12A per contact.

JONHONJonhon’s JHA Series high-density electrical circular connectors’s JHA Series high-density electrical circular connectors are compliant with MIL-C-38999 Series I, and feature small, lightweight packaging, quick bayonet coupling, EMI/RFI shielding, vibration resistance, and removable crimp contacts with a scoop-proof design that delivers secure connections ideal for use in military aviation, aerospace, and weapons systems. The series is available in box-mount, through-hole, front-mount, rear-mount, and jam-nut versions in nine housing sizes, 74 insert arrangements, and various modification types.


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