Problem Solved: PEI-Genesis and Miovision – A Custom Cable Assembly

By Contributed Article | February 09, 2015

In this case study, PEI-Genesis helped Miovision by providing a custom cable assembly for a handheld device used to download and measure traffic information.


Problem SolvedMiovision Technologies Inc. creates intelligent solutions to address the challenges that face today’s global transportation networks. Its video- and web-based technologies help reduce the cost of collecting, analyzing, and reporting accurate traffic data and optimize municipal transportation networks.

The Challenge

Miovision Technologies attempted to design a custom cable assembly in-house. The requirements, which included a jacketed cable, were particularly challenging, and its team ran into contact stability problems with its design.

The Solution

PEI-Genesis delivered a custom cable assembly solution using its proprietary universal endbell adapter, which provided long-term contact stability and required no tooling for Miovision.

[quote]“The cables and connectors PEI-Genesis supplied us are an essential part of our product, and its team has been very helpful in providing its expertise through all phases of our evolution. PEI has also used its expertise to provide us cost-saving ideas and solutions. We value our partnership and look forward to many more years of working together.” -Brian Ward, Supply Chain Specialist, Miovision Technologies, Inc.[/quote]

The Project Details

The relationship between Miovision Technologies and PEI-Genesis began in 2010, when Miovision had some trouble with the design for a custom cable assembly for a handheld device used to measure and download traffic information. Specifically, the assembly would be used to connect the device to its download/docking station. At the time, Miovision’s in-house engineers attempted to fit a special stainless-steel tube onto the back of a MIL-DTL-5015 connector using a standard cable clamp. When attached, the tube put pressure on the connector insert, which caused the contacts to move and reduced the reliability of the entire assembly.

The engineering team at Miovision reached out to PEI in search of a solution. PEI-Genesis is dedicated to a niche – connectors and the cable that connects them. PEI’s outside sales team and field applications engineers set an initial meeting with the production manager at Miovision to review the design challenges. After the meeting, Miovision provided a sample of the steel tube, which PEI’s engineers took back to the PEI production facility to experiment with and test.

Drawing from a $70 million component inventory, PEI was able to offer a proprietary universal endbell solution. PEI’s in-house overmold capability allowed Miovision’s connector to be overmolded to the steel tube in a way that both ensured contact stability and was aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, the overmolded universal endbell provided a complete solution, which meant that the team at Miovision required no new tooling or molding and no additional engineering effort. Outsourcing this assembly to PEI allowed the Miovision team to keep its primary focus on its own product development, delivering bottom-line savings.

The Outcome

PEI-Genesis custom designed cable assembly for Miovision

PEI-Genesis custom designed cable assembly solution for Miovision

Miovision was able to outsource a troublesome assembly, which saved its engineers production time. That bottom-line cost savings allowed the engineering team to focus on more mission-critical tasks. The solution was so well-received that the company returned to PEI for a custom coil cord assembly. The company has since maintained a close relationship with PEI and now relies on PEI-Genesis for its connector needs in addition to end-to-end solutions like engineered cable assemblies.

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