Power Distribution Connectors Product Roundup

By AJ Born | September 21, 2021

This week’s Product Roundup highlights power distribution connectors from leading suppliers.

Power Distribution Connectors

BizLink high-power connectorsBizLink’s 745-07A/07B/07F/07G high-power connectors with max. 32A/10AWG and 50A/8AWG cables are designed for AC inputs for power shelves of standardized servers in data centers. These connectors meet the standards of UL 1977 and EN 61984 and have lateral/central ground options. They are designed for server Power Whip 600 VAC input, especially for open rack V2/V3 or customized projects. Rated voltage is 600 VAC/VDC. Rated current is 50 A at 8 AWG or 32 A at 10 AWG. Operation temperature ranges from -40℃ ~ +85℃ (including ambient).

LEMO S Series power connectorsThe newly redesigned S series connector features LEMO’s famous chocolate bar shape on the outershell. The product uses the S series half-moon inserts and is fully compatible with the existing S series sockets on the market. Both straight plug and free socket use the collet of the B series, offering a slightly different cable range than the existing S series. For full insulator configuration availability please refer to LEMO’s unipole-multipole connector range.



Smiths Interconnect MHD power connectorThe MHD/MDD/MDP Series from Smiths Interconnect has high-density PCB connectors that are ESA qualified, board-to-board, and board-to-wire interconnect, available in up to 400 positions. The MHD Series is designed to resist the high levels of shock and vibration in the harsh environments of commercial aerospace and space applications. The MHD connector is equipped with signal and HE 807 cavities for power and coaxial contacts. With a 0.5 mm contact diameter, the series is available from 52 to 400 signal contacts with straight, surface mount tail and 90° termination styles and can support up to 32 power or coaxial contacts (2.00 contact diameter). The metal shell improves system reliability by ensuring high levels of shock and vibration and by eliminating contact fretting, reducing wear rates, and avoiding system failure and down times. The MDD is a metal shell connector available with 100-and 200-contacts configurations. The MDP is a plastic shell connector only available on a 200 contacts layout.

Waytek power distribution connectors HyperBussWaytek supplies Amphenol Sine Systems HYPERBUSS AT Receptacle Connectors. This high-performance, cost-effective solution is used in a variety of interconnect applications where a common bussed electrical pathway is required, including heavy duty, transportation, marine, diagnostic, military, alternative energy and agricultural. They contain superior environmental seals and seal retention capabilities. All HYPERBUSS AT Receptacle Connectors intermate with standard AT Series Plugs as well as industry standard connectors.

Lumberg’s Series 16 power supply connectors
 with power supply plugs according to DIN 45323 and JEITA RC-5320A are available in numerous types, 1.7–7.0 mm in diameter. Series 16 connectors are for low load currents up to 3 A at 34 V DC, individual types up to 10 A. The series includes the 1636 07 power supply plug, straight version, with solder eyes and bend protection, 3 pole, and the 1614 21 power supply chassis socket straight version for front side mounting, 3 pole.

Glenair powertrip connector available at ICCICC supplies the Series 970 PowerTrip connector from Glenair, available in aluminum or stainless steel. Ideal for extreme environment DC, single-phase, and three-phase AC power applications, the Series 970 PowerTrip connector features a high ampacity louverband socket contact for reduced joule heating and stable resistance, and a splined backshell interface for improved EMI protection. PowerTrip aluminum shell finishes include electroless nickel, nickel-PTFE, and black zinc-nickel. The Series 970 PowerTrip connector is also available in a passivated stainless steel shell and a stainless steel shell, nickel-PTFE finish.

Bernier POW330 power connectorBernier’s POW series connectors have been specially developed for use in harsh environments, especially for power generation and distribution in defense technology as well as for applications in railway and in industry. Applications including armored vehicles, radar systems, power unit, weapon systems, and optronic devices benefit from the very easy and ergonomic quick connection and disconnection system. POW connectors are MIL-DTL-38999 with compact design. They are available as single power pole or mixed power and signal, and have low insertion and extraction force. Bernier’s high-performance POW connectors with IP2X contact protection offer a current carrying capacity of up to 1000A and a contact resistance <5mΩ (depending on connector size). The high-current connectors can be individually adapted to customers’ applications and optimally designed for the specific requirements to create durable plug-in connections. POW connectors are the preferred choice where high currents must be transmitted safely via a separable electrical connection.

Chief Enterprises Bric assemblyThe BRIC or Breathable & Robust Interconnection Center from Chief Enterprises is a family of American-made power distribution modules designed for the on- and off-road OEM. It provides an IP67 sealed enclosure for critical components including automotive relays, fuses, circuit breakers, and diodes. The BRIC family includes the BRIC Fusion and the new BRIC mini. The competitive advantages of the BRIC power distribution modules include optional hydrophobic vent, silicone compression seal, high-impact cover with foam insert, cover position assurance (CPA), one-hand cover release, M6 steel threads for mounting, sleek body, and compact design. BRIC accommodates up to 360A electrical load. Custom laser marking and labels are available. BRIC meets rigorous OEM testing. Diode key and bussing connectors are available.

PwrBlade ULTRA Connector System from Amphenol ICCThe low profile PwrBlade ULTRA Connector System from Amphenol ICC provides up to 75A per contact for high power and up to 45A per contact for low power. Ultra-high conductivity materials and new highly conductive plating combine to produce an ultra-low resistance of just 0.4mΩ at end-of-life conditions. The result is the lowest profile power distribution connector capable of delivering more than 200 Amps per linear inch.


TE Connectivity MULTI-BEAM HD connectors available at Allied ElectronicsAllied Electronics & Automation supplies TE Connectivity’s (TE) MULTI-BEAM HD connectors. These next-generation MULTI-BEAM connectors offer a more compact design with up to 135A per power contact, and feature high-density power and signal, which saves space and reduces overall power consumption. The scalable and modular design also supports greater flexibility in configuration and PCB design. Like their MULTI-BEAM XL, MULTI-BEAM XLE, and MULTI-BEAM HD power connectors, the scalable and modular design of MULTI-BEAM Plus connectors also supports greater flexibility in configuration and PCB design. The variety of available power and signal contacts, mating sequences, and modular design make it possible to design in the MULTI-BEAM XLE, MULTI-BEAM XL, MULTI-BEAM High Density (HD), or MULTI-BEAM Plus power connectors that best fit your application needs. These connectors are ideal for blind-mating in modular and rack mounted systems.

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