Phoenix Contact Molded DEUTSCH and SUPERSEAL Cordsets

By News Release | November 10, 2014

The new Phoenix Contact molded DEUTSCH and SUPERSEAL cordsets for mobile hydraulic applications reduce on-site installation costs.

Phoenix ContactPhoenix Contact Molded DEUTSCH and SUPERSEAL Cordsets now offers DEUTSCH and SUPERSEAL connectors as pre-molded cordsets. These connectors are 100% factory-tested and ready for use in mobile hydraulic applications. While the DEUTSCH and SUPERSEAL connectors are well-established as quality discrete-wired solutions, crimp technology and on-site installation often add to hidden labor costs.

The DEUTSCH connector is the female two-position DT-06-2S and is available without LED to open end (rated 48VDC at an operating current of 8A); with LED to open end (24VDC at 8A); and with LED and suppressor diode to open end (24VDC at 3A).

The SUPERSEAL connector is available as male or female to open end and male-to-female, all without LED. The SUPERSEAL cordsets are rated 24VDC at 8A operating current.

Commonly used for the discrete wiring of cable harnesses on mobile equipment, the cordsets measure 18 AWG (2 x 0.75 mm²) and are made of PUR black cable. Additionally, both the DEUTSCH and the SUPERSEAL feature IP65/IP67 protection and a temperature range of -20°C to +85°C.

Additional variants, such as double-ended, M12 connectors, or other lengths can be requested through Phoenix Contact’s Solution Center.

News Release
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