Molex Premo-Flex Cable Jumpers

By News Release | October 20, 2015

Molex Premo-Flex Cable Jumpers boost design flexibility with new custom options in a variety of pitches, cable lengths, thicknesses, and formats.  

MolexMolex Premo-Flex Cable Jumpers expanded its line of Premo-Flex Cable Jumpers with the addition of round flat cable (RFC) and hot bar soldering cable versions to provide distributors, original equipment manufacturers, and contract manufacturers with an extensive range of custom  PCB-connection solutions. Like the previously released options, including flat flex cable (FFC) and etched polyimide, the new custom cable jumpers are durable, flexible, and available in a variety of pitches, cable lengths, thicknesses, and formats for use in multiple applications such as automotive electronics, consumer devices, home appliances, and medical.

“The marketplace continues to trend toward smaller and smaller electronic devices, allowing manufacturers to squeeze greater functionality into smaller footprint products – from automotive infotainment systems to smartphones and LCD flat-panel screens. At the same time, the race is on to quickly and cost-effectively bring these new, sophisticated offerings to consumers,” said David Falla, associate product manager, Molex. “These new options provide designers with even greater design flexibility while enabling them to maximize PCB space, shorten lead times, and reduce component costs.”

Utilizing a simple solder wave assembly process, Premo-Flex RFC jumpers deliver exceptional cost savings by eliminating the need for connectors or wire stripping. The direct-to-board solution is ideal for electrical connections between PCBs and display boards in high-vibration applications. Available with polyester, aramid, or polyimide insulation, the jumpers meet Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) requirements and withstand high temperature ratings.

The Premo-Flex hot bar jumpers are permanently affixed to PCBs by soldering, creating a durable board-to-board connection that also withstands high vibration. With superior signal integrity, they feature a flat cable design that can be folded and bent for applications with space restrictions. Both options include hybrid terminations that feature zero insertion force (ZIF) or low insertion force (LIF) to through-hole soldering with round-to-flat or round-throughout format options, facilitating interchange to different PCBs.

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