Hand Tools Product Roundup  

By AJ Born | June 20, 2023

This week’s Product Roundup highlights hand tools from leading suppliers.

Hand Tools

Avnet offers a full range of Amphenol termination tools to meet special production requirements. All tools meet Amphenol’s stringent design and quality requirements and provide a consistent and reliable crimp every time, thereby ensuring the integrity of the connector termination.


Lumberg offers its HZ-M30 modular manual tongs for termination of Micromodul connectors (MICA, MICAL, and MICALD) in insulation displacement technology (IDT).





The Hirose Electric IX Series single-handed tool for IDC connectors will crimp both the shielded and the IDC contact versions of the connector. The tool features a Two-Cycle Crimp mechanism and a comfortable ratcheting handle. The low cost makes it suitable for field use.



Amphenol’s crimping hand tools are designed for applications in the prototyping phase or small production quantities. The hand tools have a mechanism which opens automatically after making the last advance of the ratchet and have an ergonomic handle for an optimal grip.

Powell supplies EVO 7 Mechanical Hand Tools from Hellermann Tyton. Advanced TLC technology provides operational reliability and durability, resulting in fewer repairs and an extended lifespan. This lightweight tool has the most technologically advanced ergonomic design for reducing work-related risks, such as fatigue and injury that effect productivity. The tension dial offers 33 precise, easy-to-read settings (with ¼” increments) that reduce subjectivity or the need for fine-tuning. The tension lock-in mechanism prevents the operator from changing the tension setting during critical applications.

Phoenix Contact’s CRIMPFOX DUO 16S crimping pliers easily and conveniently process ferrules and TWIN ferrules. The rotating self-adjusting die enables users to insert the ferrules laterally or frontally as required. With the locking mechanism, the die stays securely in the selected position. Together with the integrated pressure lock, automatic cross-section adjustment enables reliable processing of the conductor and sleeve. Low manual forces and the ergonomic handle design guarantee effortless use.

The hard case tool kit from Times Microwave Systems, featuring hard foam cut-outs for LMR-195, 200, and 240 prep tools, goes a long way towards addressing the challenge of identifying the necessary tools for a job and then storing them in such a way that they are easily accessible, particularly on a remote job site. This is the first in a series of hardcase kits which will keep all the tools required for a specific job neatly in one place. All it takes is a quick flip of the lid to make sure you have everything you need.

TE Connectivity’s revolutionary SDE Crimp commercial tool system, supplied by RS, combines all the features pioneered in the original PRO-CRIMPER hand tools with the versatility of an even more robust design. SDE Crimp minimizes the need for multiple types of hand tools, thanks to its Standard Die Envelope (SDE) die sets, which are easily interchangeable from manual to power-assisted tools, depending on your needs. An enhanced tool frame also delivers greater operator comfort, efficiency, and crimping quality. Available as a fully assembled tool or with the frame (PN 2362810-1) and die set sold separately, SDE Crimp brings a new level of flexibility and performance to your crimping.

Weidmüller has added the PZ 6 ROTO ADJ, the first crimping tool with a rotating die and adjustable handle width, to its PZ 6 ROTO crimping tool family. It reliably crimps wire-end ferrules with a cross-section of 0.14 mm to 6 mm² and can be optimally adapted to your individual preferences. If the cross-section range is limited to 2.5 mm², this reduces the grip width by 20%. In this setting, around 90% of all crimping operations can be carried out efficiently and ergonomically. PZ 6 ROTO ADJ ensures the best results, even when there is not much time for crimping and not much space in the control cabinet.

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