June 2022 New Connectivity Products

By AJ Born | June 21, 2022

New-to-market connectivity products, including interconnects, wire, cable, and cable assemblies, sensors, antennas, materials, accessories, tools, and development kits.

June 2022 New Connectivity Products > Interconnects, etc. 

Harwin boosts its range with a 0.5 mm pitch mezzanine connectorHarwin boosts its range with a 0.5 mm pitch mezzanine connector for ultra-compact applications. Following the introduction of Archer .8, the new Archer .5 is specifically designed for applications with limited available space, making it a great choice of board, stack, or PCB connector. Applications include compact control and monitoring equipment, embedded computing, sensor modules, camera and lidar units, and IoT connected devices. The 0.5 mm pitch connectors meet all technical specification requirements for modern industrial equipment. Materials are halogen free and compliant with RoHS and REACH SVHC. Pin count options of 30, 40, 80, and 100, and with a tiny pitch are available, with a current-carrying capacity of 0.5 A per pin. The operating temperature range is between -55 °C to 85 °C, and they feature a board-to-board stack height of 8 mm.


Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) launched the Octax Hybrid, its latest series of Octax high-speed data connectorsCarlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) launched the Octax Hybrid, its latest series of Octax high-speed data connectors. Ideal for use in defense, commercial aviation, and industrial markets, this new series of high-performance, multi-port connectors combines 10 Gb data with additional discretes in a single 38999 shell. It is available in six standard key configurations to prevent mis-mating with adjacent connectors and multiple finishes to suit every application. Standard M39029 crimp contacts enable re-termination and field repair without the expense of single-use connector solutions. Octax Hybrid is compatible with CarlisleIT 26 and 24 AWG Gigabit Series Ethernet cables. Multiple finishes for commercial aviation, industrial, or defense applications are available.


WAGO’s TOPJOB S multi-level installation terminalsThe range of WAGO’s TOPJOB S multi-level installation terminals has expanded with the addition of push-button and hybrid variants. This offering allows for fusing or blade-style disconnect, as well as direct ground connection to the DIN rail, all in one terminal block. These terminals share accessories with the rest of the TOPJOB S family, and conductor termination is fast and simple thanks to the Push-in Cage Clamp. They are available as open-tool slot and push-button actuation types or as a hybrid solution of the two. Utilized to save space in industrial applications such as the process industry, this product provides various through terminal blocks in the same profile, giving assemblies a clean, seamless look.


PEI-Genesis supplies Amphenol R-VPX Evolution 2.0 High-Speed connectorsPEI-Genesis supplies Amphenol R-VPX Evolution 2.0 High-Speed connectors. This series offers high-speed modules capable of up to 30 Gb/s data rate transfer performance. It is designed to support the latest high-speed protocols while still meeting open VPX requirements.


SCHURTER expanded its EC12 series with a version for snap-in mountingSCHURTER expanded its EC12 series with a version for snap-in mounting. The new variant is designed to save panel space otherwise consumed by a mounting flange. It also provides quick and easy, well-secured installation. Like the flange mount version, the compact EC12 with snap-in mounting has an integrated IEC C20 appliance inlet and high-performance single-stage filter and power switch (with or without illumination). Alternatively, it features snap arms designed to ensure a tight fit as they mount to the panel simultaneously. This ensures a high-quality electrical contact to the panel, which optimizes the filtering and shielding effect. The EC12 filter series is available as a standard or medical M5/M80 version and is used in devices especially sensitive to interference. This includes IT or telecom systems according to IEC 92368-1 and medical equipment according to IEC 60601-1. Filter versions with increased surge to withstand voltage capability are also available. These filter options provide safety class X1 interference suppression capacitors for surge voltages of 4 kV between L and N, and Y1 for surge voltages of 8 kV. The series is also compatible with V-Lock cord sets. The EC12 series is certified for currents up to 16 A/250 VAC according to IEC and 20 A according to UL/CSA at 125/250 VAC and carries ENEC, CQC, and cURus approvals.


Hirose Electric has added an ultra-reliable 1 mm pitch version, the KW30 seriesHirose Electric has added an ultra-reliable 1 mm pitch version, the KW30 series, to its SignalBee wire-to-board connector product offering. Available in two through eight positions, the KW30 Series miniature single-row connector offers enhanced reliability via a 2-point contact design combined with crimp contact deflection prevention. In addition, a rib design provides a secure fit when mating the plug and receptacle producing high vibration resistance. A center lock prevents incomplete mating, misinsertion, and lock damage. KW30 is offered in several variations including straight or right-angle interface types; 28, 30, or 32 AWG; and gold plating. These connectors fit home appliances/white goods, medical devices, office equipment,  industrial robots, FA controllers, servo motors, and many other applications. The KW30 Series has a current rating up to 3.0 A, a voltage rating of 100 V AC/DC and an operating temperature range of -55 °C to +105 °C.


Amphenol Communications Solutions new non-ZIF flex connectors feature an auto lock mechanism and surface mount terminationAmphenol Communications Solutions new non-ZIF flex connectors feature an auto lock mechanism and surface mount termination. F73W is a vertical connector with height of 6.25 mm while F73V is right-angle connector with height of 3.00 mm. These connectors are offered in 5 to 16 contacts. This series features a cable thickness of 0.40 mm and provides a durability of 20 mating cycles. Its robust connector design makes it suitable for robotic operations, supporting Industry 4.0. It is also ideal for automotive, data, industrial, communication, consumer, and medical applications. It allows one-handed operation and ease of assembly. Strong FFC retention makes it vibration-proof. It features a high current carrying capacity and operating temperatures from -40°C to 125°C.


Amphenol Communications Solutions also offers glass/epoxy sealed hermetic connectorsAmphenol Communications Solutions also offers glass/epoxy sealed hermetic connectors which offer a highly reliable electrical connection at both ends serving as a feed through. These connectors/cable assemblies are available in various pin configurations and are suitable for high temperature, high pressure applications like gas/water energy metering and medical applications like X-ray machines. The glass sealed contacts have a current rating up to 3 A and an operating temperature range up to 200°C.


LEMO introduced the new cutting-edge M seriesExtending the capabilities of its field-proven M series, LEMO introduced the new cutting-edge M series HY, a new model specifically designed for vacuum-tight connections in harsh environments. Its ultra-low leak rate, coupled with a wide operating temperature range, allows for unmatched performance in optical enclosures or high-altitude applications. This new addition to the M series lineup provides customers with the highest density ratchet coupling connectors on the market. It provides vacuum-tight integrations and offers the most reliable, safe, rugged, and lightweight interconnect solutions for aerospace, automotive, defense, tactical communication, and UAV applications.


Lumberg Automation LioN-X IO-Link Masters from BeldenLumberg Automation LioN-X IO-Link Masters from Belden now offer integration possibilities into PLC environments from Mitsubishi with CC-Link IE Field Basic to leverage networking on production floors. An IODD interpreter enables uploads of IODD files on web servers to easily parametrize any connected IO-Link sensor or actuator.


Amphenol RF’s 2.92 mm connector interfaceAmphenol RF’s 2.92 mm connector interface expands its robust portfolio of RF interconnect options. This connector series is engineered to offer low VSWR and excellent return and insertion loss, along with high power handling capabilities. Also known as K connectors, 2.92 mm connectors mate with SMA, 3.5 mm, and other K or 2.92 mm interconnects. With performance up to 40 GHz, this connector series is ideal for Test & Measurement, military, and microwave applications. They are similar to the SMA interface but utilize a smaller internal body diameter and unique air dielectric which allows them to operate at a higher frequency range. With a shorter male pin than both the SMA and 3.5 mm connector, the bodies of the male and female connectors engage before the pin and socket contacts. This feature mitigates wear from mating misalignment with dissimilar interfaces. The construction is designed with a threaded coupling mechanism for secure and reliable mating. The jack and plug are manufactured with gold-plated, stainless-steel bodies and gold-plated, beryllium copper contacts. The connectors meet MIL-STD-348 standards and are most often used for optical testing, lab and bench testing, satellite communication equipment (SATCOM), and quantum computing.


June 2022 New Connectivity Products > Connector Materials, Accessories, Tools, and Development Kits

GTK UK’s new 5.0” transflective IPS TFT displayGTK UK’s new 5.0” transflective IPS TFT display reflects and transmits light in different environmental conditions. When under a dim or dark ambient situation, light is transmitted from a backlight through the transflective layer to light the display. However, in bright ambient conditions, for example when exposed to daylight, the TFT acts as a reflective display, which enhances the display image and improves the contrast. As an IPS panel, it also benefits from all-round viewing angle and excellent response times. GTK can provide technical support and guidance for OEMs considering this innovative technology and advise on customization options such as capacitive touch technology and custom bezels.


Rogers Corporation expanded the copper foil options available with RO3003G2 laminatesRogers Corporation expanded the copper foil options available with RO3003G2 laminates to include thinner, 9 micron electrodeposited HVLP foil. More copper foil thickness options help simplify the PCB fabrication steps required to consistently produce reliable millimeter wave radar PCBs. Utilizing 9 micron foils on antenna outer layers for millimeter wave radar PCBs can help fabricators achieve tighter final feature tolerance for signal lines and antenna patterns. Additionally, starting with 9 micron copper on RO3003G2 laminate, instead of 18 micron copper, can reduce the copper reduction steps needed by the PCB fabricator to meet the final PCB copper thickness requirements after filled via formation. Rogers offers unbalanced cladding options with RO3003G2 laminates, such as 9 micron/18 micron, which allows thicker copper to remain on the ground layer to ease via formation and provide heat dissipation. Rogers RO3003G2 laminates are widely used in the industry for millimeter wave radar applications, such as 77 GHZ automotive radar, due to their tightly controlled and reliable dielectric constant performance and very low insertion loss. Adding new options such as 9 micron foil provides customers additional options to optimize the cost and reliability of their mmWave radar programs.

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