JST ACHL and ACHF Series for LED Applications

By News Release | October 20, 2014

The JST ACHL and ACHF Series of crimp-style, subminiature, wire-to-board connectors are ideal for high-density LED applications.

JST CorporationJST ACHL and ACHF Series for LED Applications‘s new ACHL and ACHF Series wire-to-board, crimp-style, disconnectable connectors offer subminiature size, design flexibility, and reliable contact construction for high-density applications. These 1.2mm (.047”) pitch, SMT connectors are polarized and have a secure friction-locking feature when mated. Both series are uniquely constructed and feature a socket half that is mated with the header from a vertical direction, while the wires come out of the socket connector in a horizontal direction, allowing the placement of the header anywhere on the PCB. An excellent connector for high-density LED light applications, the ACHL Series is  designed for maximum PCB flexibility with a mated height of only 1.2mm (.047”) and the ACHF Series has a mated height of 1.43mm (.056”).

The ACHF Series is available in three, four, and six circuits with a 2.5A (AC/DC) rating using a 28 AWG wire at 50V (AC/DC). The ACHL Series is available in two circuits with a 2.0A (AC/DC) rating using a 28 AWG wire at 50V (AC/DC). Wire sizes 28 to 30 AWG are accommodated. Temperature range is -25ºC to +85ºC including temperature rise in applying electrical current. Headers are molded of RoHS-compliant 94V-0 heat-resistant resin material and contacts are gold-plated (nickel stripe), nickel-undercoated copper alloy, and reinforcements for additional strength are tin-plated, nickel-undercoated copper alloy.

The ACHL and ACHF Series contacts are designed to accommodate a wire range of 28 to 30 AWG and are gold-plated over nickel-underplated copper alloy base material. Contacts are offered on standard size reels for semi-automatic or fully automatic application tooling. SMT headers are provided on embossed tape for automatic insertion equipment.

News Release
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