Interactive Design Module Simplifies Customization for Board-to-Board Connectors

By Aaron Liu | December 07, 2021

Online configuration tools are changing the way we specify connectors. 3D modules help designers create the right product for their application.

Board-to-board connectors are designed to connect two PCBs with precisely controlled spacing in between. For example, when customizing a pin header, numerous parameters must be considered, such as number of pins, pin length, and plating, which creates over a million possible combinations.

This huge number of potential configurations makes it very time-consuming for an engineer to identify and configure the most suitable connector from a catalog. Furthermore, every change needed for specific application requirements would require supports from the connector manufacturer to confirm and customize the 3D CAD model of the connector an engineer needs to move forward with a design. Many connector suppliers are now offering online interactive 3D modules to help simplify the customization process and ensure that the component ordered meets every expectation.

Board-to-Board Connectors – Online Configuration Tools

Greenconn online interactive design tools

Online interactive design modules are based on data that are pre-defined and constantly maintained by the connector manufacturer. Utilizing the module, a customization can start with a 3D model of a basic connector on display. The engineer can easily adjust the available options, such as the pin length, the selected plating, and the insulation material, based on the design requirements and any relevant standards. The model will reflect every modification within seconds to help the engineer visualize the changes. Since all data are pre-defined and maintained by the connector manufacturer, these modifications can be considered possible, saving the time that would otherwise be needed to confirm each option with the manufacturer. Once finished, the engineer can download the final 3D model in various formats along with the product drawing and all information required to proceed to simulation and review.

Design tools for connectors

The online interactive design module can greatly improve the customization process by providing comprehensive 3D modeling and reducing communication time. This service is especially beneficial for remote work teams. In addition, its potential is not limited to board-to-board connector customization but extends to other designs as well.

interactive connector design

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