Fiber Optic Connectors & Cable Assemblies Product Roundup

By AJ Born | May 18, 2021

This week’s Product Roundup highlights fiber optic connectors and cable assemblies from leading suppliers.

Fiber Optic Connectors & Cable Assemblies

NEUTRIK opticalCON ADVANCED series fiber optic connectorsThe NEUTRIK opticalCON ADVANCED series accommodates 2-, 4-, 12-, and 24 fibers protected by a ruggedized and durable all-metal housing. opticalCON connectors feature a spring-loaded push-pull locking mechanism and aramid yarn for excellent cable retention. The optical connection is exceptionally well-protected against dirt and dust by an automatically operated sealing cover. This pre-assembled cable connector is not available as a single component, but the cable is available in different lengths, and is packed either in a case, on a drum, or on an air spool. DUO and QUAD accommodate 2 and 4 fibers, respectively, and are based on conventional and proven LC connectivity. MTP 12 and MTP 24 accommodate 12 and 24 optical fibers (multimode PC or single mode APC) and are based on conventional and proven MTP connectivity.

HARTING’s expanded beam fiber optic cable assemblyAchieve the benefits of fiber connectivity in harsh and dirty environments with HARTING’s expanded beam fiber optic cable assembly. Extremely robust and resistant to dirt, this product is designed for reliable optical connections even in the toughest environments. Periodically installing or removing cabling in these harsh environments is relatively easy compared to conventional connectors. To extend an optical connection, simply connect another cable, with no need to worry about cable routing direction or adapters. HARTING’s product range covers single-mode and multi-mode cable assemblies of any desired length. The company also provides cable assemblies for use as connection components to the switchgear cabinet or in your device as a panel feed-through.

Fischer fiber optic series connectorsFischer Connectors’ FiberOptic Series of connectors and cabling offers the best quality and stability needed for an optical link, combined with easy mating and easy field cleaning. Well-known for faultless optical performance in any conditions, including harsh and extreme environments such as cryogenic temperatures, the FiberOptic Series has a high ingress protection of IP68 when mated and IP67 unmated. UPC and APC polishing reduces insertion and return losses, making devices more secure. The push-pull locking system for quick and easy connections and disconnections adds to the connectors’ suitability for outdoor environments. The removable sleeve holder (mono-block mate adapter) ensures that end faces can be cleaned easily, keeping electronics in top condition. Rinse the unmated connectors freely under water or in an ultrasound bath.

Radiall=Q-MTitan fiber optic contactRadiall’s Q-MTitan is a ruggedized high-density optical solution for harsh environments. As the base design for the aerospace industry standard, ARINC 846, it sets the standard for interconnect assembly solutions based on MT ferrule for use in air transport applications. The Q-MTitan contacts are designed for use in the existing #8 Quadrax cavities of off-the-shelf multipin connectors, such as MIL-DTL-38999, ARINC 600 NSX, EN4644 EPX, EN4165 connectors, and Quick Fusio. Radiall’s MTitan series is a complete range of high-density fiber optic interconnect solutions for aerospace and military applications. Product solutions within the MTitan series feature an innovative design to protect an MT ferrule and provide ruggedized multichannel interconnects in a small package. This innovative product range extends Radiall’s capability to provide customers with a fiber optic end-to-end solution from active transceivers to complex optical systems.

JAE FO D87 series fiber optic connectorThe FO-BD7 Series from JAE is an outdoor environmentally resistant optical connector with thermal management capabilities. Thermal management has become a major focus for miniaturized base stations. Base stations for mobile devices are important to communication infrastructure, but their optical modules can easily be affected by heat. This is a common problem during the design process, and optical modules often require replacement once the base station is installed. JAE has launched FO-BD7 to address the demand for easily replaceable connectors in outdoor applications. The series is IP67 rated for water and dust ingress protection.

Smithc Connectors FO Pin terminiSmiths Interconnect’s low loss floating fiber optic pin termini provide exceptional low loss characteristics with high reliability and repeatability. They are designed to fit available formats of standard off-the-shelf electrical MIL-DTL-38999 cylindrical connectors, eliminating the need for costly tight tolerance and hard-to-locate D38999/60 and /61 connectors. The fiber optic termini have improved insertion loss performance with a .006″ radial and 3.25° angular misalignment. They offer precision alignment of the fiber ferrules in extreme environmental conditions of shock and vibration, and feature Sabritec technology.

AirBorn’s Rugged Active Optical Cables (RAOC)AirBorn’s Rugged Active Optical Cables (RAOC) are the latest disruptive technology to hit the Mil/Aero market in a generation. Built on a proven, high-speed verSI connector platform, RAOC exemplifies all the benefits of fiber with the ease and reliability of copper. The verSI-based RAOC is designed to operate at four channels at 12.5 Gb/s per channel (50 Gb/s aggregate). Features such as multiple points-of-contact, optimal material tensile strength, and metal backshells ensure that RAOC is designed and tested for complete reliability.

LEMO fiber optic connectorsMost systems equipped with fiber optics also require simultaneous electrical energy for control operations and power supply, which involves the use of separate electrical and fiber optic connectors. The new technology developed by LEMO greatly simplifies this practice by combining electrical and fiber optic signals in a single connector. LEMO can now offer a full range of mixed electrical and fiber optic connectors for singlemode or multimode transmission. This product range is available with metal or plastic outer shells, as well as in a watertight version. The range is completed by the addition of a single-channel fiber optic connector series. All LEMO fiber optic connectors use a plug and socket push-pull self-latching connection system, obviating the need for plug-to-plug adaptors. This is a major advantage of the LEMO technology over its competitors.

Samtec FireFly Optical connectorThe Samtec FireFly™ Micro Flyover System™ is the first interconnect system that gives designers the flexibility of using micro-footprint high-performance optical and low-cost copper interconnects interchangeably with the same connector system. The system’s miniature footprint allows for greater density and closer proximity to the IC, simplifying board layout. It also enhances signal integrity, enabling chip-to-chip, board-to-board, on-board, and system-to-system connectivity. Performance to 28 Gb/s can be achieved in the same footprint covering an area of only 0.63 square inches for an aggregate 265 Gb/s/in². FireFly Optical systems, the ECUO series, are available in x4 and x12 designs. They incorporate OM3 multi-mode fiber and are available in a variety of End 2 options and heat sinks for various cooling processes. The ETUO is an Extended Temperature FireFly with a -40 ºC to +85 ºC range for military and industrial applications. PCUO is a PCIe-Over-Fiber optical cable system with Gen 3/4 data transfer rates to 100 m. The PCOA is a PCIe-Over-Fiber adaptor card that supports transparent and non-transparent bridging.

Amphenol TV SIM fiber optic connectorsAmphenol’s TV-SIM is a modular threaded coupling connector that meets the requirements of MIL-DTL-38999 Series III, EN3645, EN4165, and VG96513 standards. It offers a wide range of optical terminations, including eight or four expanded beam size 12 or 16 contacts, like four Elio or Lumière contacts based on a 2.5mm ceramic ferrule, or six Arinc 801 contacts based on ceramic 1.5mm ceramic ferrule, 8 M29504 optical termini, one MTP or MPO, as well as up to two MT ferrules. TV-SIM offers threaded coupling style (MIL DTL-D38999 Series III Shell Size 17). Wire installation and maintenance are easy and efficient thanks to the insertion and extraction feature of EN4165 inserts. The interfacial and triple-barrier seal enables environmental sealing (IP67 rating). Multiple keying positions ensure proper connectivity. Multiple electrical and fiber optical configurations and accessories provide tailored solutions to meet application needs. Tin-zinc plating meets RoHS and REACH requirements.

BizLink WDM OptiWorks fiber opticUltra-compact WDM from OptiWorks, a subsidary of Bizlink, provide unique ultra-compact wavelength multiplexing and demultiplexing devices for the optical communication industry based on free space technology. These ultra-compact WDM devices integrate directly into various transceivers and meet the needs for a smaller footprint, higher density, and energy efficiency. The WM1 module has a low insertion loss and has a wider passband (+/-0.15nm), higher isolation, and better uniformity with the new free-space thin-film technology for DWDM module. The CEx modules have a variety of port configurations and extra low insertion loss. With the OptiWorks-designed package, a 19” standard 1RU chassis can hold up to 36 WM1 modules, the highest package density ever achieved. OptiWorks standard WDM offer high-performance coarse wavelength division multiplexers (CWDMs) and dense wavelength division multiplexer (DWDMs), covering the complete fiber optical communication spectrum from 1270 nm to 1610 nm. OptiWorks also provides high isolation WDM based on thin film filter (TFF) technology, and these products utilize hermetic and all glass assembly technology for excellent performance and reliability. Custom channel plans are available upon request.

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