ERNI’s MicroSpeed for Fast Board-to-Board Connections

By News Release | February 02, 2014

ERNI’s Microspeed high-speed connectors support 25+Gb/s up to 5-20mm.

020414-CS-NP-ERNI-MicroSpeedCurrent measurements and simulations prove that ERNI’s MicroSpeed family of high-speed connectors, with corresponding design criteria and layout (-2dB insertion loss, 5mm board-to-board spacing), can support data rates of more than 25Gb/s. This in turn allows extremely fast board-to-board connections with distances of 5-20mm to be realized.

The modular, shielded connectors with 1.0mm pitch are available as a two-row version with 50 pins for the temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. In addition to right-angle variants in the two-row design and robust blind-mate versions, seven-row versions with 91 and 133 pins, respectively, are also available.

The signal contacts feature SMT termination, while two options are available for the shield contacts — namely, SMT or thru-hole reflow (THR) for particularly heavy plug-in boards or high mechanical loading. The SMT co-planarity is fully guaranteed and specified with less than 0.10mm for all the contacts. The longitudinal pitch of 1.0mm and the row spacing of 1.5mm permit horizontal and vertical arrangements of the differential pairs or single-ended signals, depending on the application and/or requirement with regard to crosstalk. Optimum crosstalk behavior can be achieved by means of special layout configurations — with ERNI providing support here in the form of field-tested suggestions. Corresponding test data are available upon request. Mating cycles greater than 500 are specified for the MicroSpeed connectors. The current-carrying capacity is 1.0A for the signal contacts and 6.8A for the contacts of the special power modules.

MicroSpeed connectors are supplied in tape-on-reel packaging. Further design features for fully automatic assembly include black insulators made of high-temperature-resistant LCP for rapid and reliable visual detection, in addition to a pre-mounted pick-and-place pad to facilitate gripping.

News Release
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